Friday, February 27, 2009

Arnold declares a drought emergency in California

Can't get the link to this but California is in a drought emergency. You might be thinking who cares I don't live there. Well this is going to affect the rest of the nation because California produces one quarter of the nations food supply. Some 750,000 acres of farm land in that state will be affected with federal water managment saying they will release no water.

It's time to get out there and plant a victory garden. You may be glad to have even a small container garden when you see the prices of produce at the local markets in the coming months. We're still experiencing freezes here but you can do starter plants indoors until things get warmer. You also might want to do a rain barrel because we don't know how our rain situation will be this year.

Update: Looks like Texas is in the same boat as California and unless the weather pattern in the Pacific changes that boat will be sailing on dust. I'm just wondering what to plant this year. Will it be cold and wet or hot and dry? If the weather pattern changes like it did in the 1930s then were all screwed because here's what's happening right now. Farmers aren't even bothering to plant some crops because they know the won't have enought water. Ranchers are getting rid of a lot of their cattle because they can't grow the feed crops and don't have the water. And you know chickens take a good bit of water. So I guess you'll just have to go and eat dirt.


BBC said...

There are so many people there that it really isn't an issue about the water for farming.

It's because all those monkeys want nice showers in the morning. Fuck them, let them eat cake.

No worries, I'll still have all the water I need being as I need so little.

dana wyzard said...

Wow. That BBC is one of those NIMBY people. NOT IN MY BACK YARD and I thought he was all for everyone but himself. *sigh*

So, if I want my OJ, they're gonna have to stop watering their lovely yards and letting Jose' the gardener go. Right? And where's Jose' the gardener going to work?

Of course. He'll come to Indiana and take away my job at El Taco Town. dammit

And I don't even drink OJ.

BBC said...

Dana, fuck you, you're an idiot that doesn't understand what I said.

So I take a bowl bath everyday and only get a shower a few times a year, I'm still just as clean as your spoiled ass.

What I was saying was that there are too many people in that state using up the water in wasteful ways or there would be plenty for the farming.

Only three percent of the water on this planet is useful to us, so go take another fucking shower and cheat a farmer out of growing some food that you won't be able to buy in the future. Idiot.

BBC said...

In a few more years you morons will consider yourself damn lucky if you can take a shower from your own recycled sewer water.

But not me, I use rain water, it's good for the hair. But only because the rain water here isn't polluted by industrial wastes, yet.

Bell said...

Don't talk like that Demeur... I'm sure that's gonna rain this year! But, are not irrigation systems there?! I've heard about Californian problems... Indeed, there is a very dry clima with many fires in the summer like in south eastern Australia... But this year will be rain, because i want to! :-) Demeur, who is that funny chairman Meow? :-D hahaha... Your Bell