Friday, February 13, 2009

Tax cuts Smax cuts

I don't understand why those red dog republicans just don't seem to understand why a cut in taxes whether it be for business or the rest of us peons will do nothing for our economy. Tax cuts work when the economy is humming along and looks like it might start to tank. In that case it helps business and consumers continue as usual. But in order to balance things spending cuts must go hand in hand. Tax cuts do not create jobs. Let me repeat that for all the deaf republicans out there. TAX CUTS DO NOT CREATE JOBS! That is not some talking point by a liberal radio talk show host. That is a fact. Ask any economist in this country.
It doesn't seem that the red dogs are listening to us. I guess they didn't get the message when we voted a bunch of them out of office. As one of the definitions of insanity goes "A person who does the same thing over and over again with the same result and expects a different result." In this case cutting taxes and expecting the economy to improve. Reminds me of another favorite phrase of mine "the firings will continue until the economy improves. We did tax cuts five times under Bush. Everytime there was a funding bill for the Iraq war (hey I thought we won that already) there was tax cuts for business neatly hidden in it. Funding for the troops medical (yep you guessed it) tax cuts for business. Sorry boys you spent the last eight years stealing us blind and now I want it back but unlike you who shuffled some papers and robbed us, I'm willing to work for it. I'm willing to rebuild the roads and the schools and all the rest of America so that we actually have something left to defend.

Hey but don't believe me on anything I say about tax cuts. Take some time and look around at economists who've made it their lifes work.

Tax Cuts

Update The stumilus bill passed although all republicans voted against it. Remember that next year in the congressional elections. That when you asked your elected officials for a life preserver they wanted to hand you an anchor. Remember this well.


Roger Owen Green said...

I've officially decided that Obama should just give up on his bipartisan plan re: legislation, his Cabinet...

BBC said...


Likely not, but it does help the fat cats. I'm all for a flat rate tax without all the bullshit.

MRMacrum said...

I find it revealing that the Republicans saved their stiffest and loudest resistance to federal money that would actually make it to Main St. Yet, when the banks and Wall Street were whining, their comparatively weak protests were obviously just for show.

And regarding Tax cuts - I disagree they ever really work. All they do is put the inevitable off. A mild sedative for the masses. I call it "America's Rebate Mentality". Fool us into into buying a bill of goods with money we will pay back with interest in the future.

Lisa said...

This is so well put, Demeur. Republican policies got us into this ditch and they would rather see us fail than let the Democrats do something that might help this country get back on track.

Snave said...

BBC and Macrum are right, these pols who ardently support tax cuts know who their real constituents are. Anything they say about wanting to help our nation's lower and middle classes is just for show and to bamboozle people into supporting them and their failed policies.

Lisa is right too, they WOULD rather see our country fail than see their precious little system fail.

ROG, as far as bipartisanship goes, I think the new definition should be "I'll hug your elephant if you kiss my ass."