Monday, February 23, 2009

One of those days

Made a nice little to do list yesterday and then proceeded to have one of those nothing goes right days. Went to the clinic to have some regular lab work and straighten out a bill. Sometimes I feel like a lab rat. Once per year they do a physical. I feel like that's only to make sure I'm still breathing. Hey he's still warm he's good to go. Then of course there's the blood draws for heavy metals when we work on those types of jobs.
So I get to the clinic only to find out that they're out sick. Call before you come next time I'm told. They're getting to be as bad as dentists. Most dentists around here only work three or four days a week.
Went to the next item on the list. Pick up a phone calling card for a relative. He's a bit disabled and only has limited local service on a cheap cell phone. Went to one store and find that they stopped selling those about three weeks ago. Strike one. Go to another store. They had some off brand service at a rediculous price. Strike two. Go to one last store and find they only have one card that they wanted $80 for and they wouldn't take a check as payment. Strike three. I said the heck with it and went home. I guess some days you just can not win so it's time to give up and call it quits because that spirit or karma or whatever you want to call it is just working against you. You ever notice that? There are times that no matter what you do things turn out wrong. Then there are those rare occasions when everything goes right no matter what you do. Unfortunately the wrongs always seem to outnumber rights.

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