Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A new feature here at the waste drum. My snark on today's headlines. Hope you enjoy.

At rest our brains run in screen saver mode
I know people who are awake in screensaver mode.

Whistleblower says Madoff had help, blasts SEC
No!? You think?

Democrats hunt for Republican support on stimulus
They'd have better luck finding gold.

Girl dies after being trapped in washing machine
Should have told her not to tease her brother. Now do we have to have childproof washers?

Cheney warns of new attacks
Is he doing a deal with Al Qaida? He'd probably sell arms to both sides just to make up for his lost retirement.

Rain-battered Austrailian state on snake alert
So that's where all the retired republicans go.

Car explosion injures head of Ark. medical board
Did he forget to pay his bookey?


MRMacrum said...

I know a few people especially in DC who seem to operate solely in screensaver mode.

BBC said...

Parts of Australia are frying I guess.

I filled all my propane tanks in Montana before moving here eleven years ago when it was cheap.

Two of them are bigger tanks, and old ones that can't be refilled now without inspections and the new valves.

So I just have them stored away just in case I ever need them. I just buy the little propane I use for camping as I use it out of my two new tanks.

BBC said...

Our political system will destroy this country and there is nothing we can do about it.