Saturday, February 21, 2009

What do you bet the Bush crime family has their money hidden here?

Or at least some of it. Either here or in some offshore account under a phoney corporation name.

I'm guessing in an attempt to find out where Bernie Madoff has hidden a good chunk of the $50 billion the US government was able to get the names of eight Swiss bank accounts. There are according to this article some 52,000 accounts that our government wanted a peek at for tax evasion purposes. And you know Madoff had help. No way in hell could he have come up with all those monthly statements to his clients by himself.


Sorry for the lack of posts but you get to a point of burn out. There just isn't much to snark about that hasn't already been covered. Hopefully as spring approaches the beavers will be out in their usual Friday glory. Now since today was forcast to be nice weatherwise I've got a bunch of stuff to do. Or as they say up near the great lakes "make hay while the sun shines". We take that expression literally around here.

Hey where's my bailout? And I don't want any chump change either.


The Blog Fodder said...

Whaddaya mean, where's your bailout? Are you a bank or a car company?
By the way, I saw a comment on a article in The New Republic from a Republican bitching about "welfare queens buying food with stamps and paying cash for ciggies". They just don't get it do they? Billions to banks, car companies, halliburton and Blackwater is OK but pennies to the poor? Scandelous.

BBC said...

I don't know where they have it hid. But I recall reading something a few years back where his father said in a talk with Barbara Walters that if America knew how much the Bush family has fucked over America that they would want to kill all of them.

Count me in.

Distributorcap said...

i am sure the bush crime family (and that is a nice term for them) has their nazi-gained millons (yes Preston, you got your $$$ from the nazis) stashed in many off shore banks - panama, cayman islands, bermunda, isle of man etc.