Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California unincorporated

I know if I was a resident of California and out of work I'd be down at the capitol building with pitch fork and torch.


Here's an idea lay off the legislators. That would save a ton of money.
They say you can screw things up but to really screw things up use a computer. I say if you really really want to screw things up let a couple dozen legislators get together.

In other news

If this gal was so smart why is she homeless?

Found a new web site about all the haz mat news and accidents you don't usually hear about. Incidents from CSB

That's about it for me today. Nothing really new. Carry on.

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MRMacrum said...

Throw some bankers into that group of legislators and that is the ultimate way to really really really screw things up. Tough role for the Governator coming up.