Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Like It!

I'm just hearing that there will now be a "Super Regulator" to deal with the wall street mess. I like it. This reminds me of several good examples of days past. The first:
Sitting in the third grade class when the teacher had to leave the room for an extended time. In just a few short minutes the class is in mayhem. Children climbing on desks. Boys throwing spitballs at girls. Girls getting in fights with other girls. And a din of noise and confusion. And the old unmarried white haired school marm returns picks up the yard stick and smacks it on her desk to bring order. "And now students pull out your composition books and write a 25 page paper about why you need to mantain order in the classroom".

The second:
Mom and Dad decide to go on vacation leaving their teen children at home. With no oversite and guidance the place turns into something out of Animal House. Parties insue. Wild parties with debauchery and on occasion police reports become common in the ensuing days. Mom and dad return to find what was once a peaceful and well maintained house in shambles wrecked to near beyond repair. And there stands Dad at the entry his ears red with steam coming out. Then the clean up begins. Armed with scrub brushes and paint brushes and all manner of cleaning supplies the spawn set out to undo the damage of their weeks of fun.


MRMacrum said...

I think I am more interested in what kind of oversight and regulatory mechanisms come out of this mess than what is done with the money. The super regulator sounds good on paper I guess, but ....... We'll see.

BBC said...

"Super Regulator". Yeah, okay, whatever, but I haven't gotten that call yet. Ha ha ha.