Thursday, February 26, 2009

The fickle finger of fate

As I mentioned the other day there are some days that nothing goes right and you're better off just packing it in and going home. Well today was the other side of the coin. Went to the clinic for lab work and to straighten out a bill. They had sent me a bill that went back over a year. And here in lies a lesson. If you get a bill that you know you don't owe get off your butt and see a person face to face with the evidence in hand. As it turned out the computer was set to credit my account everytime I paid which I do everytime I go so there's no balance. The computer didn't do that and spit out a bill for $250. Now some people would have just paid it without thinking. I won't do that since I have no balance and get a nice discount for the pay as you go method.
In my shopping trip I found a few other things I had looked for the last time out as well as something for $20 that I had seen for $50. Things went so well I should have bought a lottery ticket.

In other news it appears Obama is continuing to undo the mess that Bush has given us.
If you haven't bothered to read the Recovery Act I'll give just a glimpse of some of the things in there.
No more no bid contracts for Iraq
Funding for EPA and Superfund (Thanks Barrack that's up my alley)
Money for Veteran health care
Funding for National Sciences (hey somebody figured global warming is real)
Funding for Cops (remember Clinton wanting to put 100,000 more cops on the street)
Funding for the military (this is for rebuilding run down barricks and other buildings)
That's just a part of it. It's 407 pages and I can't really say I fully understand all of the aspects of the bill but it is pretty clear where Obama wants to take the country. If we can get even a part of the way there in the next year we'll be doing well. Will there be more spending? I'd say so. But as we saw trickle down economics does not work so the help must come from the bottom up not the top down.

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Wayne said...

That's a cool image, funny.

I'm impressed with Obama's ability to deliver a speech and keep things upbeat, positive and guess what, it makes sense. At least to me.

Bush was just flabbergasting. Obama's like a breath of fresh air.