Friday, February 6, 2009

A strange little trick

I'm using an old laptop that one of the clan put together for about $25. Just love being cheap that way. I guess I take after Billy. Funny I have an uncle named Billy and he's just as cheap. But back to the trick. This little laptop has been running quite a bit and started to hang up so I stuck it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight. Took it out and let it warm up for an hour. Poped it back in and everything seems fine so far. We'll see how long it lasts. You can't say I didn't get my money out of this thing.

Update: It looks like that is only a temporary fix in order to recover your data. After about an hour it was back to it's unfixed old self (hanging up and not loading pages. None the less it is still a neat trick if you keep important stuff on your computer. Back up you say. I don't need no stinking back up!


BBC said...

I guess that you can use it on top of a ice pack? It's true, I am cheap in a lot of ways, but about every five or so years I do treat myself to a new computer. At least the main case if not the rest of the stuff.

I gave up on bubble jet printers and about five years ago and bought an HP 1000 Lazerjet, I love it.

It jammed hard once and I figured that was it for it but after I got that mess of paper out of it, it still worked just fine.

I haven't even put a new toner thing in it and I've printed many pages with it.

MRMacrum said...

Neat trick. I'll have to try that on my wife.

BBC said...

Nice recipe but why not just use flour and baking soda even cheaper?

Get real, flour and baking soda is so bland no one would eat it unless forced to and few of us are that hard up.

I made the hotcakes that way because that is what I had on hand to work with, and they are pretty good. I work with what I have around.

geneo said...

That is a neat trick.

Just discovered the incoming link and wanted to say thanks for putting me on your blogroll.