Sunday, February 8, 2009

A belated B.A.D. day

I forgot about that Blog Amnesty Day thing. There's a bunch of good little blogs out there that I read but don't have in my sidebar because I feel if that real estate has to many links it begins to look like wallpaper and nobody will bother to check any of the links. Ever go to a blog that has so many links at the side you could spend a lifetime clicking links? That to me seems like a diservice and an insult to the person you linked to. Ya I kind of liked your blog so I thought I'd slap a link in the side with the other ten thousand I have there. Kind of like throwing something in the kitchen junk drawer never to really be seen again.

So with those thoughts in mind I would like to add a few names to the sidebar. And rest assured you do mean more to me than just some blip on a radar screen.

Sadly a few of the blogs need to be deleted. Not because they go beyond any of my standards of morality (hell I'm as imoral as the next guy) but because due to some personnal reasons those bloggers had to stop blogging. I just hope that I can stay mentally competent enough to leave a parting shot before departing this earth. Much like Charles Shultz before his departure. He did Peanuts until the day before he died.

And to Crum: Thanks for the motivation. Always need a springboard now and then. This post wasn't too long was it?


BBC said...

Blog Amnesty Day?

I had some links on my first blog, should go back and dump them being as things change and I don't visit some of them anymore.

Not that I think many bother to look at it anymore since my last post on it some time ago.

If it gets bad enough we may not again have SS or unemployment.

As for the human condition never changing, there is always hope that it will.

BBC said...

I have a dream, but it often includes boobs, ha ha ha..

BBC said...

I wouldn't say that you are immoral, only that you have those thoughts. That doesn't make you any different than me in that respect.

And how I talk at times is beside the point, I consider myself to be pretty moral because I don't act on those thoughts.

MRMacrum said...

Since I hooked up with this following gig, I do not visit the blogs on my sidebar as much. I also find myself with less time to fart around. So I try to visit the blogs I follow first. I do like your impression of the blogs with umpteen hundreds of other blogs in the sidebar. They do indeed begin to look like wallpaper.

As to being an inspiration, well I am more used to being accused of being a bad influence. And if you are looking for judgement from me on the length, I am a terrible judge of that. Your posts almost always get me thinking, so I always visit with the idea of finishing them. I sometimes wish you would expand some of your thoughts, but hey, it's all about satisfying your own urge first.

gene'o said...

Boy, I just made it in under the wire, huh?

I barely missed BAD with my first post back. I need to clean my blogroll up, too.