Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ah crap

As you recall I mentioned to keep an eye on the sea floor for leaking methane coming up. In checking a few minutes ago I find that the Ocean Intervention ROV I had a quick scan of the sea floor. To the left of the arm you could see plumes coming up. As the ROV moved forward several feet the floor erupted to the point of zero visability. Not a major eruption yet but not a good sign. Combine this with the fact that it was reported tonight that the whole BOP stack is leaning more than the tower of Piza and as the guys in the know at the Oil Drum are right. The process is proceeding as they expected. The BOP will collapse and then how will they capture any oil? Remember the big containment structure they lowered down didn't work because of the ice and gas making the containment structure float.

I tried to capture the video from this event but had no luck. I'll see if I can try again later. If what was predicted happens any time soon you may be the witness to one of the biggest explosions in American history.


BBC said...

I read about that at the treehugger site this morning. It's long odds but it could blow up.

May you live in interesting times. And be thankful that you live some distance from where nature is always beating them up anyway. Now that they've put a human fuck up on top of that they're getting a double whammo.

But I don't think they'll ever learn, they still want to drill more wells in the area.

I hope that they don't start moving here after they've fucked their area all up.

BBC said...

To put things in proper perspective..

Would we care if we lived in Africa?

Tim said...

I'm a little late commenting on your post cause I've not been feeling well.
Well it's Wed. and shits happening at the well. They took the cap off and holy shit. I'm going to watch it live.
I hear two people are dead.

Holte Ender said...

I'm only a mornings drive from the Gulf, so I might hear the bang from here. Jeez.

Wayne John said...

Aw man, what have we done? That's all I can's stupidity at it's finest.

I remember when it was raining really hard for days and the river beds here overflowed. I remember an elderly gentleman complaining that they should have never built those river beds. He called it "mans stupidity", and it stuck with me.

This is yet another case of mans stupidity. And they don't allow time to stop the bleeding before going in elsewhere for even more.

BBC said...

I'm only a mornings drive from the Gulf, so I might hear the bang from here. Jeez.

If it is of biblical proportions you not only will hear it, it's likely to knock you on your ass.

Of course I use the term 'biblical proportions' only as an example, it's the monkeys that made that mess.

Tim said...

And still not a word of this from main media.
What people don't get is if this happens, it won't just be the folks on the coast that are affected.
Black rain baby...

Ranch Chimp said...

I am wondering what effect will crack's or damage to the ocean floor have upcoming, and if that will also be enhanced my motion and/ or quake's? What a mess, heh?

later Guy ..........