Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sanctions, boycotts and blockades oh my

You'd think that we're setting up for world war three. Sanctions never work because people cheat. This becomes the golden opportunity to for greater profits by squeezing the country sanctioned and no matter what they say it's always the people that get hurt and not those in power. We think that some how we can force nations to bow to our way of thinking. It didn't work with Japan in the 1930s and it hasn't worked with Cuba even today. Boycotts only work on a small scale. You might pressure a personality from the airwaves or a small business from a town but little effect in the overall scheme of things. People want to boycott BP but I'll tell you right now it won't work. They're too big. You may be successful in running them out of this country but, they'll just sell their oil to some other country at the highest price because that is what business does.
Then there's blockades. They never seem to work either. The only time I can recall one working was in the middle ages when after a year the city under siege was bombarded with bubonic plague corpses launched with catapults over high city walls causing a surrender. The first use of germ warfare.
The Cuban missile crisis started with a blockade but was short lived when Russia agreed to remove nukes from the island nation. That wasn't until the U.S agreed to remove its' nukes from Turkey, a little fact that got lost in history.
To sanction Iran is laughable because everybody isn't on board. Russia, China, and Brazil are still trading partners and even if they weren't we know that companies cheat. And speaking of being on board the fishermen of the Gulf need to round up what little cash is left from BP as investors are jumping ship as fast as a rig blow out.


BBC said...

You'd think that we're setting up for world war three.

About six years ago I told a group that we are in WW3, that it just wasn't official yet. And I wouldn't expect it to look like the last world wars.

"I don't know what WW3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones." - Einstein.

Fuck Iran, blow them up, and all those idiots in the Israel area, I'm tired of all the religious nuts.

Tim said...

just testing here...

Tim said...

Demeur sorry about that, I switched to Word Press and I couldn't comment.

So after all that, I was going to suggest Freedom Fries and how well that worked out.

Also the other night, an unbelievable sight, Flames coming out of the Oil well at that depth. It looked like Dante's inferno

Ranch Chimp said...

Real nice posting here Mr.Demeur, this is more shit, so true that has slipped my mind (I'm gettin old Guy, and all the dope and other thing's are catchin up with me mentally) I mean ... when do these thing's work? I also wonder about when you said investor's are bailing out, another problemo. I will bet my left testicle that BP's legal staff are even two year's already ahead of us on what they have planned and various exit's, bailout's, bankruptcy filing's, espense write- off's (tax) and a schlew of other shit, it's like a bloody game of cat and mouse. I remember reading in some book once I have .... about the plagued corpses warfare thing .... cant remember where though .... I also read that even in ancient time's how diseased corpses were tossed into water well's in town's to effect the population's who used that to get their water. This shit is all so complex too and an uphill battle, and this is why I feel we need much more oversight now, I even told folk's now ... it has gotten to rough that I in many thing's trust govbernment more these day's than corporation's, on everything from healthcare to energy ... something I would never had said 30 year's ago.

Heard the other day in Florida, how franchise BP gas station's are feeling the pain of the boycott thing .... and all they are, are franchise mom and pop station's, with the name BP. Who "alway's" suffer's?

Thanx .........

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: "Dante's Inferno" ... a favourite classic of mine! :)