Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP lies just keep rollin along

1.We have the technology to do deep water drilling.
2.We expect any spillage to be minimal.
3.We have a plan to deal with any spill.
4.We have adequate safety measures for the crew.
5.We couldn't have foreseen this disaster.
6.We believe the spill to be about 1000 barrels.
7.We believe the spill to be about 5000 barrels.
8.We expect the damage to the environment to be modest.
9.We expect the top kill to have a 60 to 70% of working.
10.We expect the junk shot to have a 50/50% chance of working.
11.We will pay for the fishermen's losses.
12.We will hire the fishermen to help with the clean up (10%).
13.Our concern is with the people of the Gulf. (insert stockholders).
14.Clean up workers are just getting food poisoning.
15.There aren't many oil covered wildlife.
16.There are no "plumes" of oil under the surface.
17.The oil is not reaching the beaches or marshes.
18.The oil shouldn't reach Florida.
19.We're doing a good job of keeping the oil contained around the rig.
20.We're managing to collect 10,600 barrels per day with the cap.
(I know there are many more but I leave you to fill in the blanks.)

So like a used car salesmen at the end of the month or a congressmen before an election BP will try and feed their captive audience the highest grade of BS that their spin doctors can muster along with $50 million for the ad campaign.

So today's question boy and girls is (and sorry it's one of those math word problems that we all hate): If you have a 21 inch pipe gushing up 19,000 barrels per day and you partially cap it with a 6 inch pipe how many barrels could you expect to collect? This is assuming you ignore BP incompetence. Hint: It's not 10,600 barrels.


an average patriot said...

21, this will cost the tax payer nothing, we will make this right and take care of those who lost their livelihood. F them they will!

They led the consortium behind the Exxon Valdez. We saw how long they kept that going until the people settled for a pittance and they will do the same here.

Tim said...

Perhaps President Obama could borrow these "talking Points".
Sometimes I think no one is paying attention. This might stick if repeated enough,oh wait that's Fox.

Ranch Chimp said...

That was absolutely hilarious when I heard that they were capturing/ salvaging alomost 11K barrel's a day .... after remembering the start that they said about a thousand per day were pouring into the Gulf .... great posting on this subject! :)

I know this isnt a laughing matter .... but when they announced how much just yesterday they were getting/ recovering (11K, and that isnt even all of it) I couldnt help busting out laughing, because of how full of shit these folk's really are!