Friday, June 18, 2010

Ah yes the Friday beaver

Looks like Wayward Hayward will get his life back and I can only hope that his new duties include changing toner in the corporate copy machines and cleaning executive washroom toilets because he sure doesn't know how to clean up the mess that he created. If he gets good at that maybe they'll let him move up to cleaning the lunchroom.
Now it's off to look up the other characters in this Greek tragedy.

Bank failures later.

One this week in NV.


Timwaters said...

I love Friday beavers...
Back when I was young, sometimes there was sat. and maybe even Thursday beavers...Ahhh the memories

Timwaters said...


How are my comments coning through..
Does it bring you to my new or old site when you hit my name?

BBC said...

Oh sure, changing the top monkey is really going to improve things, in someones dreams.

I think I'll go fishing tomorrow.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm sure Hayward can retire to a life of luxury and ease if he wants to. Further evidence justice is blind and getting harder to come by.

Demeur said...

That would be your new site. In fact you can't get back to the old one.

Billy what's the difference between meat and fish? You can't beat your fish. :-)

SW Tony will probably get out of this scott free.

Randal Graves said...

Hayward's moving next door to Ken Lay.

Tom Harper said...

Q: If Tony Hayward and Ken Lay were up to their necks in concrete, what would you have?

A: Not enough concrete.

Ranch Chimp said...

All I can say is friday night beaver's in washroom toilet's bring back pleasant memories! :)