Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sure hope this doesn't turn out to be true

Now they think that there may be a large bubble of methane undermining the ocean floor in the Gulf. If the sea floor degrades from the pressure it could cause an explosion that would kill anyone near the rig site. Think of it like the scene from an old war picture where the Navy drops depth charges and the ocean blows up only on a grander scale.

If you thought it's bad now

They estimate that this pocket of methane could be as big as 15 to 20 miles in size. An acompaning tsunomi would wipe out Florida.

I'll have to ponder this bit of info. I know shale rock usually forms in layers like a pie crust so the gas must be locked in the rock under high pressure. What surprises me is that it isn't coming out in spirts and then stopping as you would expect. So if you're following this via the video cams then keep an eye out for any cameras focused on the ocean floor.

Later and keep your drums sealed and upright.

Sorry the link didn't work. Try this one or note the URL and hit it yourself http://www.helium.com/items/1866957-bp-oil-spill-methane-gulf-of-mexico


The Blog Fodder said...

It just gets better all the time.

Tom Harper said...

If Florida gets wiped out by a tsunami, it'll be the fault of Obama and his treehugging greenies. Sarah Palin was right -- if them envirowackos hadn't prevented oil drilling on land and close to shore, those poor little oil companies wouldn't have been forced to do their drilling in deep water a mile from the shore.

--mf said...

Link needs a fixin', fella.

You know I am interested in this!


BBC said...

I mentioned that a few weeks ago. Whatever, I don't give a rats ass if they blow themselves up down there.

Tim said...

Some people think they'll be safe as they don't live near the Gulf.
Think again...

Ranch Chimp said...

I sure as Hell dont want any of this to be true!