Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is somebody reading my blog?

This morning reading through the news I stumble on an article that stated Eric Holder is headed to the Gulf Coast to look into possible criminal charges. I had some other things to do and wanted to cut and paste part of the article as proof period of what was going on. Funny thing happened. The article and all reference to criminal charges mysteriously disappeared. In less than two hours any scrape of evidence to the premise was gone. It was as if someone was sanitizing the news. I need to get in the habit of pasting such blurbs to a separate text page.
The article now out only state that Holder is to meet with leaders in the gulf states and to make sure the EPA is following all the laws. I can say from experience that that should be the least of his worries. The EPA does quite well on their own in enforcing the rules. I've seen them once on a job and will say that they are quite thorough even checking people's certifications. That's not to say that things haven't changed since Bush had his way with them but they still seemed to have some scruples left.

And here we have poor Billy Nungesser, the Plaquemines Parish president (pictured above) who's beside himself because he's watching the slow death of the marshland around his district. What Billy fails to realize is that it was all the principles of the party he supports that got him to where he is now. Let business regulate itself. Get that evil government off my back. Don't bother with safety that's for girly men. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. When caught lie and blame the messenger. Secretly ask the federal government for financial help then when it shows up put your name on the check as if it was your money.

The end result? Booms will be set out. Workers will shovel oil soaked sand. Photo ops everywhere for a while and then the marsh will slowly die. But have no fear in another 30 or 40 years nature will slowly come back as the Mississippi dumps her fertile soils back into the marshlands. Because we all know mother nature wins in the end.


BBC said...

Yup, nature will take care of it in all in due time. But meanwhile I guess a little help won't hurt, as long as we're not the ones getting stuck paying for it.

I'm just following it now with a sort of half assed interest.

Dinah Bee Menil said...
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S.W. Anderson said...

The story here is headlined "Feds open criminal probe of Gulf oil spill." Most likely, the earlier advance story was pulled to make way for breaking news. Either that or they found something wrong with the previous story and pulled it to straighten whatever it was out.

Nungesser isn't the only one. Gov. Bobby Jindal has been carrying on like a kid who wants into the bathroom NOW about getting more federal aid -- booms set out, sand bars and islands built, marshes cleaned, etc.

Suddenly, Guvnuh Small Gummint, Stay Outta My Way Gummint, has a use for all the big, bad government he can get.

Time rolls on, issues change, but one thing remains constant: conservative Republican hypocrisy.

Demeur said...

Sorry D no spam in comments.

SW it came out in the Wa. Po. this morning and when I went back a half hour later it was gone. Even tried to google it.

Tim said...

Maddow talked of it tonight. The attorney general thingy
She also went through all the cost.
BPs stocks are making a mighty roar,downward...

The Blog Fodder said...


It is on BBC this morning

Steven said...

What...? Billy wears white boots to an oil spill? Is that why he looks so pained?

Anonymous said...

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