Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old McDonald had a farm

I was watching a bee today doing what bees do crawling on a clover blossom collecting nectar and it came how simple the system nature has in place to deal with the balance of life. When there's a drought, cold weather, or parasites then the colony dies off or moves to better digs to start anew. All is balanced between food water and all other things necessary to sustain life. Somewhat envious of the bee as all he has to do is wake up and head out for breakfast lead by the sight or scent of a floral meal. I understand that they even have a bee language to communicate the location of the best gathering grounds.
How complicated humans have made life. Tied to an ever expanding flood of complex technology we have this illusion that the next new gadget will be the be all end all solution. We've been hoodwinked into thinking that we "need" when in reality we only want. We are at present the most malnourished society on the planet but don't try to tell us that. So where is all this leading? I have focused a great deal on the oil spill because it may be a turning point in our history. Whether we realize it or not the production of our food is directly tied to the oil we use and in a very big way. We always thought that bigger is better but as you will see it's not. It's actually just an illusion and one that can not be sustained for much longer.

Agribusiness and it's ties to oil

Recalling a childhood where strawberries were only available in the early summer months our present menu can have you eating watermelon in December. All because oil is still relatively cheap. And with government subsidies for agriculture and oil all has gone well for the last 100 years but that is about to change. We've had a great run but the party is coming to an end. This is definitely a time to reexamine what we do, how it effects on our planet and how we survive.


S.W. Anderson said...

You're right, but getting most Americans on board is going to be a long, painful ordeal.

It might help if more people could be made to understand the role access to oil has played in getting us into Mideast wars, and the strong likelihood of even more such wars in Africa and Asia, as competition for dwindling sources becomes more intense.

Tim said...

The next big thing to war over is going to be water.

The Blog Fodder said...

Tim has that right. When the tanks roll north across the Canadian border under whatever pretext, it will really be about water.

Demeur, your blogs depress me. Too much truth is hard on a man who believes there is no excuse for the mess we are in, that we could be even more rich if we all played the game so everyone could win.