Friday, June 11, 2010

BP = Broken pipe

This little machine pictured above is a little invention from Kevin Costner that can process oil at 200 gallons per minute. He's gotten a lot of attention of late for his invention but come to find out that the technology has been around for a while. A Fla. company called Voraxial has a machine that will do 3500 gpm or 100,000 barrels per day. Sounds great doesn't it? It would have been until BP put a slight fly in the ointment. These machines work on the principle that oil is lighter than water. By spinning out the water with centrifugal force the oil is left to be collected. BP in their infinite wisdom has been dumping thousands of gallons of dispersant on the flow effectively changing the weight of the oil. I heard that when Costner ran some test runs of his machine it failed.
There's some 50 BP engineers working on this spill. I'll bet they have more degrees than a thermometer, but not one of them has a lick of common sense.

So BP lies and tries to cover this up as scientists from the Gulf coast states are carefully trying to put this CSI together. Just got an email from the CSB (Chemical Safety Board) saying that they were asked by the feds to investigate. CSB is an outfit that investigates industrial accidents. They have no authority to issue fines or penalties so they are objective. They aren't political. They just want to find out the causes of an accident so that companies can change their operations.

But here's a snippet of just some of what's going on in the background:
MIAMI, Florida - University of Miami professor Hans Graber said Thursday that evidence of the spill on the surface of the Gulf waters should have decreased by now if the cap had significantly minimized the flow. That is not the case. The Coast Guard says the containment cap is capturing 630,000 gallons a day and pumping it to a ship at the surface. That amount could nearly double by next week to roughly 1.17 million gallons. Graber could not explain the discrepancy, but one possiblity is that the amount of oil escaping the well increased when a pipe was cut to place the containment cap.
This is kind of scary when you consider all the dispersants BP is using.

More later as soon as I can find a good Friday beaver shot.


an average patriot said...

Those dispersant they sprayed on the escaping oil to hide it below the sea are our enemy even more so than the oil. They make a deadly unknown entity. It is the corral reefs and the plankton as far as the ocean goes that really concerns me.

tim scared stiff said...


Tim's Scared stiff said...

Sorry about the test but this is where I go to do that.
So what happened, EPA told BP to stop using corexit. There are other dispersant to use. I don't want any dispersant's to be used at all. It's just a way to hide what's really going on. The clean up job would be a bit easier too.

BBC said...

Why get so worked up about something at the other end of the country? If it bothers you that much get your ass down there and get it to work.

Anonymous said...

From the initial explosion to the present, BP has lied about everything for their own self interest. They absolutely don't care about anything but their bottom line. Also the website they have put up to represent that they are interested in other people's ideas to help is a total fasad. I have tried to contact BP, by calling, e mailing and also contacting congressmen to let someone know of my idea to actually STOP the leak. Can some one help me find someone who will listen and take a minute to see my idea, I only want to help. Why is it so hard to help!!!!! someone e mail me with Thad Allen's phone number or someone with some clout so we can stop this leak.

Demeur said...

Anon I wish you well in your endeavor. It took Kevin Costner weeks to get anyone to even listen to him and he's got more clout than you or I.

Randal Graves said...

The funniest part is that all the lying and covering up on the part of BP and various and sundry cronies will slip down the memory hole.