Friday, March 4, 2011

Coke pussies for Friday?

Actually this isn't about coke cats it's about the Koch brothers who are in the background of Wisconsin politics leading Gov. Walker around by the nose. Nothing more slimy than that kid in grade school who would do anything if you gave him a quarter. Always wanting to fit in by doing anything the bullies wanted him to do.
I have to ask what the Brothers Koch have in mind for this country when they've gained all the power and money. Doesn't Monopoly become boring when one player has nearly all the assets and prevents the other players from doing any deals? That is just plain unadulterated greed and nothing more. Do they expect to be buried in diamond studded coffins?
But there is one concept that they can not sell us and that would be self loathing. To say that the bulk of the middle class should be ashamed and the cause of our current economic situation is a flat out lie. To saddle the middle class and the poor with the burden of our economic crisis is what dictators and tyrants do. These morally destitute elected officials are not working in the best interests of "We the people". They are supposed to work for us and not the other way around. So now it's time to start a little justice and I'm not talking about the 2nd amendment kind like their side had proposed. There is a process to remove an elected official and it's called recall. Yes it is slow and will take time but it is the legal way to accomplish the end of a tyrannical leader. And by the way isn't this what we've been fighting against in the last oh how many wars?

Bank fails later...


Randal Graves said...

Does Charlie know the Kochs stole all his blow?

Recalls? I still prefer the fire n' brimstone n' guillotine style, but we'll try it your way.

Tom Harper said...

There's already a recall drive against 8 Wisconsin Republicans who have been in office for more than a year. They'll have to wait a year to recall Walker. By they he ought to have a permanent back injury from all the stoop labor (i.e. bending over and spreading 'em) he's been doing for the Koch Brothers.

S.W. Anderson said...

It would send a terrific, powerful, nationwide message if the people of Wisconsin were to recall those Republican state senators and then top it off next January or February by giving Walker a humiliating defeat.

I just hope the people of Wisconsin will persist and not let this blow over.

BBC said...

Ah, the Koch brothers, I mentioned them recently also. Well, they don't give a fuck about us you know.

There is a process to remove an elected official and it's called recall.

If that worked very well we would be removing three quarters of them all the time, they have rigged it to where it's damn hard to get them out of office.

Snave said...

And these "leaders" complain about how hard it is to fire a bad teacher... LOL!

What they want to accomplish with all this is to bust as many unions as they can before the 2012 elections. That will help them to have more money than the Dems for 2012.

They also want to privatize all the public schools. Getting a good disinformation campaign going against teachers and public employees is a great way to start that process. No Child Left Behind has not been de-funding the schools quickly enough for their liking... it was kind of a covert way of doing that. But because it isn't doing it as fast as they wanted, now they are just being in the open about it.

Conservatives don't believe in paying for anything for anybody else. Conservative parents don't want to pay for the educations of children other than their own. They think that every single thing needs to be earned, including things like an education. In their world, only those parents with the best-paying jobs and who have worked the hardest would be able to afford to send their kids to school. As the economic gap widens between rich and the rest of us, there will come a gap between the educated and the rest of us. They want to be the ones with access to information, with the best educational opportunities, with the best medical care... because they will have "earned" it, and the rest of us will not have.

The rest of us will be working long hours in low-paying jobs, without benefits. These kinds of jobs will return to the U.S., the rich Republicans believe, once they have busted all the unions... and they won't stop with public employees' unions. Once they take care of those, they will go after the private sector too.

Or so they think.

The problem here is that the "they" I speak of is only truly represented by the rich and the super-rich (like the Koch brothers), which comprises maybe less than 5% of our entire population. Yet this handful of people tricks millions and millions of us into doing their dirty work for them, spouting their sound bites, etc.

The right wing loves to lambaste the left by referring to things like Social Security and Medicare and other programs as "social engineering". Well, pot meet kettle. What they are doing represents little more than an attempt by the rich and super-rich at social engineering on the rest of us.

Capitalism is good in principle, and corporate capitalism is what drives our country. But how can people be convinced that is has (or at least should have) some limitations, and should not be unbridled and unregulated?

MRMacrum said...

Greed is a disease that feeds on itself. Normal folks get greedy, then get over it at some point. But some never do. The Koch Brothers are two who never got over it. I guess being born into home run by a greedy patriarch might be part of the problem.