Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lying liars and the liars who lie to get them there.

Can you blame anyone for not trusting anyone these days? With politicians and used car salesmen at the head of the list or have car dealers moved up in the honesty rankings these days? Were they replaced by bankers and investment swindlers? Then there's the information or should I say misinformation gurus who when peeling back the thin vail of anonymity turn out to be a pimply face twenty something with a degree in political science from some unheard of community college. They only got the job because Uncle Harry was in office and needed a quick fall guy he could pretend was an "expert" in the field of global warming.

I realize that some information is difficult to pin down. Trying to get an accurate radiation reading from an ongoing event is like trying to catch milkweed on a windy day. But it shouldn't be that hard to pass on what information you have gained in trying to protect yourself and your workers. Panic? I think the cat is out of the bag on that one. We can only assume the worst and make preparations for it. There's no embarrassment or cause for anymore alarm there. They say you can't handle the truth? I say we can and you look a whole lot smarter in the long run if you tell us that up front. People can deal with the truth. What they can't deal with are lies, innuendoes, and rumors. But what infuriates the unwashed masses is some wheezily politician who says how he's going to do one thing and does just the opposite. I refer to one slimy Wisconsin governor who's about to have one of the shortest terms in public office short of death by assassination or pneumonia.

Then there's the slime behind the slime. There's the Roves and the Kochs and the Lansings who'd think nothing of stealing your last cent and demanding the shirt off your back to boot. They got their pound of flesh and then some with a tax robbery by Bush. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. That will make for a wonderful society. What lesson does that teach our children? Crime pays if you're high enough in office?

Haven't checked the computer models lately but I have to assume that this radiation event will be reaching our shores in the next few days. Here's a little advice I gained from a Ukrainian gentleman at work yesterday while we were discussing the issue. Don't eat any local dairy products for a while when this thing hits. Cows after all eat the grass that's contaminated and that gets passed on to the consumer in short order. My Ukrainian friend lost several members of his family for that very reason. All because of lies and misinformation again. And it's now looking more like not if this process will occur but when.

On a bright note there were no bank fails this week.

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Randal Graves said...

If you want to trust a lackey of a former outpost of the Evil Empire, be my guest.

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