Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hard to wrap your head around the news anymore

First Tunisia then Egypt then Yemen then Bahrain then Libya. Then there was volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis and now maybe the largest nuclear melt down in world history. It's getting to the point where you either hide in the closet or just say the hell with it and go about your day. Have we reached fright fatigue yet? Can't scare us with terrorists any more. On the bright side jobs seem to be coming back but tell that to somebody who's about to lose their home. Some good news and bad news on an anecdotal scale. I'm seeing the day workers back at Home Depot. Was a time when they didn't bother because nobody was buying hardware or fixing their homes. That's the good news. The bad is an increase in guys at the exit ramps with "will work for food signs".

What no SARS or swine flu scare to have us running to the docs for shots? Maybe the IRS can inflict some dread into your life. No not for me. They can't tax what I didn't make last year. The first time ever that I'll be like the large corporations and pay zero in taxes but I'd sure like their profits as I had none.

So here I sit watching the circus of life go by and wonder what's next? Life is after all what you do while you're waiting to die.


Randal Graves said...

Now you just need some profits and you're *exactly* like a corporation! Oh, and if you start drinking the blood of a newborn.

an average patriot said...

Syria! They are surprising me and are on their way and will be next to go. We are powerless so you can't let it bother you. It makes your head spin though.

BBC said...

I read this morning that our first strikes in Libya cost us 100 million dollars, for a war that most Americans didn't want into.

I talk to a lot of folks that don't look at the news anymore, or simply feel helpless to do anything about any of it.

Of course, I also talk to a lot of folks that are getting guns and stocking up on ammo.

dana said...

When I had money (yes. I remember) I had it in stocks. Whenever someone sneezed, the stocks went down. Once I got wiped out, I started getting angry because, no matter what tragedy is happening now, the stock keeps going UP. Who is responsible for the fall of the average person where stocks are concerned, and once we disappeared and the mega buck people latched onto it and now it only goes up?