Thursday, March 24, 2011

I really wonder

My tin foil hat gene is starting to kick in about Libya. As I recall there were only several hundred demonstrators at the opening rallies. It seemed that after a week the rally was crushed by Gadaffi forces sending the rebels to other places. This is looking more and more like a scheme cooked up by agencies at the fringe of the arab world. Would it be a CIA operation or some underhanded plot by the oil companies we may never know, but on the face of it it sure looks shady. Here we have a very small group of lesser armed civilians trying to overthrow a dictator with a well armed military. All of Gadaffis' weapons are Russian made. What the rebels are using is what they've managed to capture or commandeer from defecting soldiers. This was not a well planned operation but thrown together at the last second. Even the Russians are not sure how to deal with the situation which is surprising considering their investment in the country.

In other news we find that the Deepwater Horizon spill was caused by a bent drill pipe that prevented the cut off rams from doing their job. I question that analysis on the grounds that the operators were told by BP to do something that was not standard procedure. Using sea water to do the job of concrete just reeks of incompetence. We've all heard such instructions by a boss under pressure at one time or another. That "get her done" attitude, safety be damned request when money is at stake usually results in somebody getting hurt or killed. Sad part is when all is said and done and a few meager fines paid it's just a matter of calling "the Hall" for another body to replace the last poor slob who followed stupid instructions. Sad to think to have a choice between a job and your very life but that's what it comes down to

More oil spills in the Gulf. A Swiss consortium has been identified as the culprit behind the latest spill. Seems they were able to cap and put to bed a finished well. This was said to be about 30 miles off the coast and not in deep water. Humm, I wonder how many other wells weren't retired properly?

Must run busy day or two. Life goes on when you have to do the work of three people.


The Blog Fodder said...

I think the Libyans are quite able to rise up against oppression when they have had enough that they re willing to die for it. Without "outside agitators" (Our people are happy and content. it is outside agitators that stir things up).
That said I agree that they are likely going to be taken advantage of and will never get the economic development and freedom of conscience that they want. Might interfere with the oil flow.

pygalgia said...

Minor correction, old friend. Libya's arms are mostly European. In 2009 alone, Euro nations sold $470 million in arms to Libya. The Libyan air force flies Mirage fighters, bought from France. And, just for fun, in 2008 the shrub administration sold $48 million in arms to Qaddafi, mostly anti-aircraft weapons.

Randal Graves said...

Once again, the Illuminati minions of the Bilderbergers raise their shadowy head. Outside agitators is a lunatic fantasy, nations never interfere in the domestic squabbles of other nations.

Demeur said...

In watching the morning news from Libya the other day a Ukrainian coworker pointed out that the tanks and armored vehicles were Russian made.

Oh no we never interfere, ahem cough cough... Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, etc etc etc.