Thursday, March 17, 2011

They're only speculators when it hurts Wall Street

I just love how the main stream media tries to spin a story to the advantage of the "haves" when it's in their best interest. Or to put it another way in the interest of their corporate masters. Oil as we've all seen has been climbing in price for weeks but if you asked any of the major network stations that's all due to market forces. What a load of bull! Like some drug crazed junkie the boys on Wall Street are looking for the next bubble to pad their portfolios and impress their clients. All the while Main Street is getting hit with higher taxes, fees, cuts to wages and a higher work load. But we who carry the load are being blamed for the problems they create. Next I expect we'll hear that it's because workers drive to work that's causing a spike in gas prices. All the while when governors rejected money and a plan for high speed rail that would have been a more energy efficient way of getting to work.

So now we have the crisis in Japan with the yen taking a beating but rather than blame the real causes of the psychological effects of such a disaster we're hearing it's the speculators who are driving up prices. I'm sure they are in the game because after all they'd bet on when your grandmother is going to die if they could make a buck. They could care less about human life. And I think that may be the reason we're seeing the beginnings of a rising up of Main Street. Being fed up with this lack of compassion and being blamed for something they did not cause.

And if you look at the root causes of so many disasters of the last 10 years or so you'll note that the primary reason was that those making the decisions were not the ones responsible for the actual process but a bunch of bean counters who only know how to shave a few more cents off the bottom line to make the CEO another sweet bonus, human life be damned.

Two phrases that stick indelibly in my mind are "that would never happen" and "we need to do something so that will never happen again". Enough said.


BBC said...

I hate the markets, wouldn't allow them on my planet.

On the bright side, I'm about to pull the corn bread out of the oven & being as the sun is shining I'll go out and split some firewood.

The Blog Fodder said...

Love your last paragraph. It were ever thus.

an average patriot said...

The crisis in Japan coupled with the middle east makes it a double whammy for the oil companies to use as an excuse.
Their built in bottle neck the refineries is the problem. Their is still no shortage but I have the link where a Russian minister expects $200 a barrel before it levels off.

Randal Graves said...

Boy, this post is a bit cynical. Our social betters are better for a reason.