Friday, March 11, 2011

Recall Cat says:

Trow the bumz out!

What you never saw and angry pussy before? You would be too if you had your treats and milk rations taken away and given to the dogs.

Busy busy day for me. At least it's Friday that's a plus.

Bank fails later maybe.

Two banks failed this week one in OK and another in WI. Any banks tied to Japanese energy are sure to hit the skids. Sorry if the truth hurts.


BBC said...

Sure, toss the bums out and get ready for the next set of bums that will be worse than the current bums.

I have a better idea, blow it all up.

It's a slack day for me, going to the Cornerhouse for breakfast with Helen in a few.

Going to Harbor Freight in Tacoma tomorrow, big parking lot sale, I hope to get a 6.5 gas motor at a price I want to pay.

Snave said...

A union member, a Tea Party member & a CEO are seated at a table, where there's a plate with a dozen cookies. The CEO reaches across the table & grabs 11 cookies. Then he turns to the Tea Party guy and says "Watch out for that union guy; he wants part of your cookie!"

S.W. Anderson said...

Good one, Snave, except it's too true to be funny.

(Thinking there must be some crumbs-based equivalent of trickle down to make a joke about, but can't come up with one now. Oh well.)

Demeur said...

Heard that one on the radio on my way home from work today.