Thursday, March 10, 2011

U.S.A. for sale

Everything's got to go at rock bottom prices. Be the first to own the State of Liberty. Want to legally own the Brooklyn Bridge? Well now's your chance. Hurry before the lessor dictators snatch up all the good stuff. You want land cheap? We have national parks in near move in condition. Just need to get rid of those pesky drug runners first. What you say that you don't have money for a down payment? No problem. We'll arrange for one of our payday lenders to set you up with easy weekly payments, repackage the loan and sell it to the highest bidder over seas.

So Hurry on down to the republican Privatization Sale. All sales final void where prohibited and don't worry about the fine print you wouldn't understand it anyway.


The Blog Fodder said...

Happy Unfettered Capitalism, everybody.

Randal Graves said...

Join the money train, privatize your blog!

BBC said...

Buy a national park? My ass I will, the way things are going I'll just be able to go live in the one next to me and I don't think anyone will try to stop me.

Tom Harper said...

Remember, you get what you pay for. None of those cheap items for sale are worth anything any more.

Snave said...

And after all, the idea is that everything has to be "earned", so soon only those who have worked hard to become gazillionaires will matter at all in America, because they will be the only ones with access to information, education, and health care.

Oh wait... oops, my bad! That's where we are heading already! LOL! Demeur is right, time to sell all that stuff off!

Demeur said...

You git that right BF

Privatize my blog? Only if I can leverage it into gazillions by selling shares to foreign investors. When they find out it's worthless I'll be asking for a bailout. I need the bonus.

Billy maybe you could sell your place to a rich Arab. I'd be sure he's never seen so many evergreen trees. Then you could buy all the acreage you wanted with a real shop.

Tom Shhhhh! Don't let potential investors know that.

Headed? We're already there. 400 people own more than 150 million.