Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Over there... in Libya that is

An initial force of 400 marines is gathering in Crete for a deployment to Libya. Total force at present is expected to be about 800.
No ground troops?

Hat tip to Weaseldog for the heads up.


The Blog Fodder said...

Well, the Libyan people can kiss their country, hopes and dreams goodbye. As one of the rebels soldiers said, "When the Americans come, they don't leave".

Mama Zen said...

Sigh. Never believe a "no ground troops" promise.

jadedj said...

"...initial force..." is the key phrase here. I could be wrong, but wasn't there originally an "initial force" in Vietnam?

Randal Graves said...

It's not like we're sending an entire army, chicken little. Sheesh. I can't wait for the flowers and candy.

S.W. Anderson said...

Very interesting and not surprising. It's clear the no-fly zone and air attacks won't dislodge Gadhafi. They won't make well-trained and equipped soldiers out of the rebels, either. A few special-forces troops on the ground, to call in air strikes and help organize and coordinate the rebels could make a difference.

jadej, Kennedy deployed a small force of what were supposed to be trainers and advisors. They repeatedly wound up in firefights, and were definitely the camel's nose under the tent. More troops were sent in to see to force security. More firefights and participation. The stage was set for the escalation Lyndon Johnson ordered.

As the Brits say, in for a penny, in for a pound.

Libya isn't Iraq or Afghanistan, and certainly isn't Vietnam. Some troops could be sent in to accomplish a specific mission, for a limited time, and then be withdrawn. It all depends on smart, disciplined thinking, planning and action at both ends of the chain of command.