Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Caving once again

Once again it looks like the Dems are being led around by the nose by the Rethuglacons. They are about to accept the rethuglacon plan for an extenuation on the budget. If memory serves correct there are more cuts in this temporary plan than one might think. And as any fool knows if you cut back to the bone even before the final budget then you'll have to go after the carcass the next time around. This is beginning to look like a one party system so why bother to vote if those you support are doing the bidding of the opposition. If all these cuts are enacted now and then more in two weeks there won't be anything left of the economy. You don't create jobs by laying people off and when you do lay people off it only adds to the budget defect with less taxes collected. That would result in yet more cuts.
It's become obvious that the rethuglacons could care less if anyone but their own chosen few survive the economic nightmare. And what we'll land up with is a country like Egypt before the ouster. Makes me wonder when more rational heads will prevail if t all. Or will we be called the United States of South America as in those Banana Republics you heard about as a kid? And for those of you out there who think a union worker has some gravy job with benefits out the ying yang think again. The reason unions were started was to prevent the slave like conditions experienced by our forefathers. But with Reagoon the days of a really decent job and thoughts of retirement are near a faded memory. The incomes and bennies, factoring in inflation, have not kept up for the average union worker in the private or public sector. There was a time Dad could send his son to college with a union job but not any more.There was a time that a union job would mean looking forward to retirement and that too is nearly gone. As for myself I have only been able to get back to work because I don't look my age. Amazingly no grey hair yet has made me employable. I left a whole bunch of guys and gals at the unemployment office standing in line who are younger yet look older. And I don't think many of them will be making a paycheck any time soon.
So to both parties I say wise up and start doing the right things or this country will rise up and there will be change WE can believe in.


Randal Graves said...

But the goopers are sooooo much worse!

Deeds, not words, chumps. Fuck 'em both.

S.W. Anderson said...

I know what the Republicans are thinking and doing. They not only don't want jobs created, they want to destroy as many as they can. That's what worked for them last year, and they're sure it will work again in 2012. Given the gullibility or idiocy of so many fellow citizens, Republicans could very well be right.

More and more with each passing year, I'm at a loss for what many Democrats are thinking, especially Obama. I share your dissatisfaction.

Demeur said...

After the current assault on unions in Wisconsin Iand other states I don't see how the rethuglicons are winning any friends with the middle class. Even if you aren't fond of unions they are not the problem. Unions didn't steal a couple of trillion dollars from retirement funds as did Wall Street.

You think maybe it's time for a real 3rd party?