Saturday, August 11, 2012

Caturday and some more doom and gloom

Well now that you are refreshed from the Beaver Scream it's time to get back to our miserable existence. Oh where to begin there's just too many options?

There was ebola but as we know that is confined to mostly Africa and other remote places. So as not to disappoint we'll start with another virus Swine Flu. A new strain is spreading across the U.S.. Oh that'll get everybody scared for sure unless of course you actually read the article only to find out that there was 200 reported cases confined to the midwest and not likely to spread. Okay then how about a nice solar storm? So what I need a lead lined umbrella when getting hit with electromagnetic energy or something? Can't even see the stuff so how are we supposed to know?

Okay then how about "water depletion" . What's that you say? Who's taking all the water and what are they doing with it? No this is just the natural process of how water cycles through the ecosystem and how since we are using more and more of it soon there won't be enough to sustain life. I do like the example given. It takes 140 liters of water to produce enough coffee beans for that morning cup of joe. That makes you wonder how much it took for a breakfast of eggs bacon toast and some orange juice to go with the coffee.

Then there's the droughts. It's happening here and in several other parts of the world. Parts of Africa haven't seen rain in years. All the while the Philippines are drowning with too much water. That kind of make you wonder what people in Syria do when they've had their water cut off in places and the temperature hits the upper nineties.
At some point if this keeps up water will cost more than oil. Then things could get really ugly. And I know what some may be thinking. Water falls out of the sky it's free. But they forget exactly how much water we use in any given day. A rain barrel might cover a day's worth of personal use but doesn't account for food production or manufacturing.

Of course there always wars, gun violence, domestic violence, gang violence and a general sense of rudeness that dominate the news. Gone are the days of settling an argument with a heated discussion and an objective debate. Even fists have been relegated to a by gone era. Nope it's "my gun's bigger and it holds more bullets. Whatcha going to do about it?" And forget about going out to a club or a bar in late evening. Wouldn't want to be mistaken for a target after dark on a downtown street.

(A hat tip to the artist. Borrowed from Crooks and Liars)

And if all this doesn't want to make you go back to bed and pull the covers over your head consider our political situation. After riding ourselves of an idiot in chief (let's face it not many in this world had much love for that guy) we are now faced with grid lock and the zombie party candidates of the far right. How's that you say? A zombie contributes nothing to society. The soul purpose of a zombie is to seek out prey and eat human flesh. In this metaphorical case all the things we've fought for over the last 50 years and I might add actually paid for with pay roll deductions. Unlike a real emotionless zombie you can always tell when Romney is lying. You will note that awkward laugh just before he gives an answer. Of course he's lying. An honest person would have no problem reveling any information about themselves. Would you tell a potential employer that they can not see information in your past about what you did and how you handled your finances? Even if there was trouble you'd want to explain the circumstances.

So to end this doom saturday segment our list of choices take your pick:
1. Drought
2. Wars
3. Starvation
4. Violence
5. Pestilence
6. Economic ruin
7. Political consequences
And I almost forgot
8. Natural disasters

So have a nice day it could be your last.


BBC said...

You know what I've been saying for years, life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

As for nasty things, I've never given them much thought, the numbers they take out in this country are moot because we've gotten so good at fighting them back.

Anyway, I boated 52 miles today, it was a good day.

Demeur said...

Your tomato looks plenty ripe. Was she tasty? A little trick if they don't ripen is to leave them on a window sill for a day or two. But don't forget about them or you get fruit flies. Found that out the hard way.

Randal Graves said...

Very metal of you. Kudos, but you can have my coffee mug when you pry it from my cold, dead hands which, given how overdue Yellowstone is, might not be too far off.

BBC said...

It was tasty enough, I'll have plenty in the windowsill later in the season. This must be the fruit fly capital of the world. Or the beer can fly capital of the world.

Demeur said...

That's it Graves no more punches for your Starbucks card.

So Billy you have redneck flies over there? Do they drive pick ups too and listen to Tammy Flynette?