Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's a conspiracy I tell you

(factoid- the electric chair was invented by a dentist)

Death panels, FEMA camps and 911
I will never forget the day a neighbor came to my door. I forget what the original reason was off hand but somehow the conversation turned to the newly touted "death panels". Unlike the rest of the sheeple in this country when somebody tries to scare the bejesus out of me with the thought of some government agency telling me who lives and who dies I do a bit more investigating for some real facts. Come to find out that it was only a technical glitch so to speak in the bill on health care. In a nut shell it added a visit to the doctor ( an insurance paid visit) to discuss what your wishes would be in the event you were incapacitated and unable to tell the medical staff your wishes. Also called a living will, it was just that, a legal document outlining your wishes signed by you and notarized.

But for some people you can't let the facts stand in the way of a good conspiracy. It's as if they live to be told to be scared. The next machination of doom and gloom was the FEMA "internment camps". I'm sure visions of Nazi Germany came dancing in their heads, gas chambers and all. Okay a little investigation once again turned up the truth, but I guess they can't handle the truth as Jack Nickelson once said. The truth be known this happened a little while after hurricane Katrina. FEMA an agency that had had it's budget cut by Bush and was run by the least qualified was looking to come up with a real plan for natural disasters, like what to do with a couple hundred thousand people who lost everything in a disaster. Where do you put them until other arrangements can be made? So logic dictates a gym or armory or civic center would have to do in a pinch. It's not like they can take off to their vacation homes in the Hamptons in the interim. This is the reality and not some trumped up images of a far off gulag complete with razor wire as they would have you believe. It's hard enough to watch over the crowd that shows up for the fireworks every year let alone an entire city.

Then there's the twin towers conspiracy. Blown up they say by our own government. And I'll bet not one of them who says that has ever worked in construction. I've been tearing buildings apart for the better part of twenty years. I was shocked when I saw the damage to a supposed heavy duty structure after our last major earthquake. Sorry guys but an I-beam hit by a plane going that fast doesn't stand a chance. In the case of our earthquake I saw bolt holes in beams stretched by the force. Think about that for a sec. But for our twin towers it was a different story. In addition to the force of the aircraft there was the fire. True the beams were covered with a fire resistant material but that could easily have been knocked off by the force of impact. Ah, but beams take very high temperatures to melt they say. That is true but concrete degrades at a much lower temperature than steel and once one floor went it took the remaining ones with it. The building was after all built like a tube with no internal supports connecting to the outside skeleton. So it was a simple matter of gravity causing the building to pancake to the ground.

I only bring all of this up because there's a lot of weird things happening all at once. A major drought has hit the world with no explanation. Some credit global warming while others think it's part of a cycle. We have solar flares that are expected to last into next year or longer. At the same time there hanta virus which is a direct off shoot of warming. It brings out the rats that carry the virus. There's been the massive floods in southeast Asia on a grand scale. The earthquakes of the past few years that are still being dealt with in Haiti, Japan and several other countries. There's been more wars, murders, robberies and suicides than I've ever seen in my life in just the past few years. There must be some explanation to the madness and mayhem. Then of course there's the economic collapse which is easy to explain. Simple greed will take down entire nations. We're watching the slow motion train wreck in progress. Nothing can stop it. Yes it is a conspiracy theory but it can't be defined at least not in any simple terms. Maybe just the perfect storm where all the bad lined up in that perfect cast of the dice of fate. You can't bet on black and you can't bet on red and the house odds are no better.


BBC said...

I'm still doing just fine out here in the boondocks and if something hits me I think I can deal with it without government help.

BBC said...

I think what would put this area in a world of hurt is a big quake, but I'm ready to deal with that, and like the idea of waterfront property.

Randal Graves said...

The fact that your conspiracy destruction didn't mention all the pertinent conspiracy theories is in itself a conspiracy, Mr. NWO.

Ranch Chimp said...

From what I seen in a PBS documentary about the construction and failure of the World Trade Center, there was also a bunch of flimsey sheetrock walling around key exit point's/ stairwell's, being built ore to facilitate cost's than if any emergency, none the less, it was interesting, I did some posting on it as well, but on the construction/ design of the new WTC. I actually watched that 2nd tower being built as a kid on sunday morning, when I used to ride my bike, early am from Brooklyn to Manhattan, because it was the least traffic time, and the huge massive foundation hole fascinated me looking down into it. No, I never worked construction, only worked a crew once in Houston that did siding on home's, and quit after a few week's : ) Back in them dayz in Houston, I would quit job's and start new one's monthly it seemed : )

No shit ... the electric chair was designed by a dentist? I need to look that up.

Later Demeur ....

Demeur said...

All well and good Billy for the first few days anyway then things will turn ugly after the zombies without power food or water start roaming the neighborhoods.

Gee Randal did I forget something? A thousand apologies but some of the emails were deleted.

Well RC considering you work in the "right to starve state" as I call it is it any wonder?
Another overlooked fact about the WTC was that only half the fireproofing was asbestos. The top floors they did on the cheap.

BBC said...

That's why my neighborhood is well armed.

Murr Brewster said...

Something's going on all right, but you don't need a conspiracy theory to realize there's a price to be paid for taking a few million years of stored fossil energy and burning it all up in a couple hundred years.

S.W. Anderson said...

Re: a perfect storm of bad things happening. I think people of the 1930's must have felt the same way, with the Great Depression on, organized crime on the rise, the incredible Midwest Dust Bowl, the Johnstown Flood of 1936, the Graf Zeppelin crashing and burning, major Western Industrial countries turning to dictators for leadership and Japan going on a tear of imperialist expansion.

BTW, the death panels lies and demagoguery focused on a provision in the health care act that would pay for psychological counseling and practical advice on taking care of their affairs for people who know their days are numbered, and that the number isn't very big. This service is entirely voluntary.

There probably is a living will provision in there too, but it's not what Republicans did all their outrageous lying about.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes ... I recall that now as far as the asbestos ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I loved that one ... "the right to starve state"! : )