Monday, August 27, 2012

Where have all the moderates gone?...long time passing

Fat is where it's at and anorexia is in like thin. Where's the middle ground to hide under. Extreme seems to be the new norm. What is normal? Is it any wonder. Went from half fed under clothed overworked masses to closet bulging calorie stuffing web surfers. You call that work? Checking your email for the elevendeith time is not what I call work unless you count the carpel tunnel you'll get by retirement. Let's not forget the other end of the spectrum either. Masses walking three miles for a bucket of dirty water with clothes so tattered you couldn't use them to wash the car and forget the shoes. Takes a bit of work to rummage through dumpsters for tonight's dinner, the only meal of the day.
Everything's become extreme now from extreme sports to extreme politics there is no center. OCD seems to be the order of the day. Never satisfied it always must be the biggest or most or at the other end the smallest and least. You'd think we're all shooting for the Guiness book. Can't be satisfied with just going fishing and catching a couple. They now must be the largest in weight or length. Of course we all know fishermen are liars anyway but you get the point. But it all gives one reason to pause and ask the question where is the end point? Shall we just revert to clubs and swords for the ultimate cage matches? Nobody really wins because there's always somebody better down the line. We used to cheer for the good guy the sportsman with a sense of fair play. Oh how times have changed. It's win at all costs just don't get caught cheating.

A look at the ends of the political spectrum. At one end is fascism. At the other communism. Neither is a benefit to society as a whole.
Fascists believe in the importance of having a powerful dictator and state control. Nationalistic feelings are encouraged and political opposition is not allowed.
Communists believe that the state should own and control the means of producing everything so that everyone can be equal.

The problem stems from the corruption of the concepts. Dictators are never benevolent and communist party leaders always seem to have a greater share of the wealth thus being more than just equal.

But what about our choices today? One party has gone so far right that that they are unrecognizable from just a few years ago. The other party has been pulled right by their inaction and willingness to compromise on every issue. And they all wonder why the populace gives them the lowest approval rating in history. It is said that man can not serve two masters. In this case it is a no win situation. Cross those who support you and risk the wrath of your financial backers. Cross the voters and risk losing your office. No big deal when lobbying is so easy to fall back on. But for us the plebeian masses, we're screwed.

So as the rethuglicons settle down with their martinis and high priced hookers, a hurricane (Isaac) takes a bead on the poor folk once again. The moderates are long gone. Packed up and got the hell out of Dodge while the gettin was good. Where'd you go Joe Demagio?

Oops almost forgot August 31 is a blue moon so whatever never happens will happen on that day.


BBC said...

Whatever never happens will happen on that day.


No shit????

I'll tell you what's going to happen, I'm going to a rendezvous. Unless, well, I'm fucking dead or something.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Dictators are never benevolent and communist party leaders always seem to have a greater share of the wealth thus being more than just equal."

I'm not a big fan of Fidel Castro, but a case can be made that in many ways he's been a benevolent dictator. After all these years and despite hardships created by his quirky rule, a majority of Cubans seem to still revere him and consider him a hero and good leader.

That's probably because Castro insisted on health care, public health measures and education for all.

The failing of communism is that it defies human nature. That fact isn't political science, just observation and common sense.

Regarding extremes, it seems those are taking over because many people are stressed and dissatisfied. You tend to hear more from and about people at the extremes because they, their situations and views tend to be more newsworthy and controversial. The fairly typical middle-class family that's getting along tolerably well, comparatively speaking, is a ho-hummer.

Demeur said...

You get your mail order supply of Viagra did ya Billy?

All well and good for Cuba except they haven't progressed to the 21st century. A little criticism constructive or otherwise isn't all bad you know. And I don't believe there's a burgeoning middle class in Cuba either. With rising gas prices they're back to farming with horses and plows.

S.W. Anderson said...

Demeur, the judgment about the benevolence of Castro's dictatorship isn't mine. The Cuban people accept it as such. Obviously, Cuba lacks the natural resources and capital to have an affluent, 21st-century economy.

Cuba could probably acquire the capital and economic growth to make a great leap forward, but it would require opening the country to exploitation by people like Sheldon Adelson. Opposition to just that kind of thing is what made Castro's revolution popular in the first place.

Randal Graves said...

Humans are tribal fucks, so no matter which system is in place, dumbassery's gonna happen eventually.

The Blog Fodder said...

Cuba has done extremely well under the circumstances. Given that their potentially largest trading partner is still in a brown snit because they wanted to keep some of the wealth the island generated for their own people and given that if they relaxed security for even a moment the CIA would re-inflict the kind of "democracy" that Americans bring to the world, the kind Cuba enjoyed before the revolution.

Tyler Hutchinson said...

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