Saturday, August 4, 2012

News Snark

Syrian forces pound rebel frontline in Aleppo.
Where's the frontline when the entire city is being bombed?

Clinton wants fair elections in Kenya
How about fair elections in this country without voter suppression laws?

Fashion police turn up their noses at the stylings of the Olympics.
What's the matter you don't like blue jeans, a polo shirt with tie?

China blames the U.S. for the Syrian Crisis.
Ah yes nothing like blaming the messenger. And along those lines we have:

Romney to Reid, "Put up or shut up!"
Hey Mittens it's supposed to be the other way around. Release 10 years of your tax records and we'll all shut up.

U.S. resumes beef imports from Japan
We slap a ban on to prevent mad cow and now we need to wonder if our burgers aren't radioactive. Oh but it was so cheap we couldn't pass it up.

Wall Street with positive momentum in the face of headwinds
And the game of pump and dump continues. Just make sure there's no bugs in the software or it's hell to pay.

And Lastly

ECB saves Greece from bankruptcy by securing emergency loans
Nothing like helping somebody out of debt by giving them more debt.


S.W. Anderson said...

Well done, Demeur.

Looks as though Clinton or anyone else who wants fair elections without voter suppression should keep an eye on Kenya. If the Kenyans pull it off, that might be the place to go to.

Romney release his tax records? Hey, he wants to move into the White House, not Club Fed.

Tom Harper said...

Aha, so the Birthtards are right. The reason the Obama Administration is so concerned about Kenya is because Obama was born there.

Thank God for WorldNetDaily, where you can get all these little-known facts that the liberal media doesn't want you to know about.

BBC said...

CARLIN ON WAR, I'm adopting his views.