Wednesday, August 8, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

Another installment of today's near non news items. As if we haven't seen enough videos of the cat chasing the feather.

Randy Travis found naked and drunk after crashing his car in Texas.
Reminds me of an old joke about Gun Smoke.
Marshall Dillon shows up in town naked. Much to everyones' shock. The Doc asks Matt what happened? To which Matt explains. Miss Kitty and I go on a picnic. After lunch Miss Kitty gets frisky and takes off her clothes. I did the same. Just as I got close to her she whispered in my ear "Go to town Matt" and here I am! :-)

Southern Cal. gets a 4.5 earthquake
That'd be about enough to shake you martini if you noticed it at all. A passing truck would probably make more of an impact.

Raw Money compares California economy to Greece
He may have conveniently forgotten but we haven't what policies got us into this mess in the first place. Things like tax evasion and off shore accounts don't work any better there than they do here.

Standard Chartered bank gets lambasted
Nothing like pot calling the kettle black as they say.
It's become so easy to scam the system especially when such large amounts of money are at stake. Standard is accused of laundering Iranian oil money through their system. With little knowledge I'd bet I could do that myself. Simply set up a dummy company in an obscure place. List it as a subsidiary foreign operation and funnel the money through it. How do you think Raw Money is playing the system? Twenty three hundred companies can not fit into a small office building in the Cayman Islands no matter how hard you try.

Refinery fire could boost gas prices
Could? No you mean will. So you might want to fill up now and while you're at it stock up on beef and canned goods because the rest of the poop storm will hit shortly.

And lastly but not leastly

There is the latest:

(pick one or more)
1. Affair
2. Weight loss program
3. Drunken night out
4. Pregnancy
5. Illegitimate child
6. Marriage (do they still do that? thought only gays wanted to marry)
7. Tax evasion
8. Assault
9. Dress malfunction
10. Wardrobe choice

And none of this anybody really cares about because they have their own set of problems.


BBC said...

"Go to town Matt" and here I am! :-)


Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the news, no, I didnt hear about this anywayz before.

Randal Graves said...

The original smoking gun.

The Blog Fodder said...

Matt: do you smoke after sex?
Miss Kitty: I don't know, I never looked.