Thursday, August 2, 2012

News you can't use and could probably care less about

Mixed bag of (in this case ) cats

This is really a non story when you think about it. Why? Because everybody has a right to their opinion. Does the company ask and refuse service to people they think are gay? I'd bet not. So what's the big deal. We're not talking about a Birmingham lunch counter here where once blacks were refused service.

A Republican Voice With Tea Party Mantle and Intellectual Heft
Now there's two concepts that are diametrically opposed. I believe George Carlin called it something like military intelligence. They just don't go together.

Apple sues Samsung
This is an oddity considering 20% of the parts of an iphone are made by Samsung. Sounds like it will end as a Mexican stand off.

Olympic: London tourism rates plunge
What was that Yogi Berra expression? " The place was so popular that nobody goes there anymore". Now you know what he meant.

CIA authorised to offer intelligence support to Syrian rebels.
In the first sentence of the article it starts out "President Obama signs a secret order to"
Well no secret any more. The cat's out of the bag but then again who couldn't figure that we weren't going to provide assistance to the rebels. I'd also bet that this was going on way before he signed such an agreement. We know after all that Blackwater or whatever the hell they're calling themselves now has been in the area for months now. Let's face it there aren't many secrets anymore.

Fed Poised To Step Up Stimulus Unless Economy Strengthens
Considering Fed Fund rates are at near zero what's old Ben going to do start paying people to take money? Looks like Bernanke has painted himself right into a corner. I do know one thing. If the economy doesn't collapse from all the overseas trouble then at some point it will explode with expansion and pent up demand.
Oh and a fitting Beetle tune comes to mind "If you want here it is come and get it but you better hurry cause it's going fast."


Roger Owen Green said...

#2 they call that an oxymoron.

BBC said...

Supposed to be a nice weekend, you should get out and about some.

Randal Graves said...

Re: chicken sandwich peddlers. Word.


BBC said...

I think it's great about the Chick-fil-a support, I get tired of the gays getting so much attention because they are so noisy. It's good for the straights to rise up and remind them that there's still a lot of us and we don't think they're that fucking special.

Demeur said...

I know they're morons I just didn't see the oxy's.

Randal did I miss something?

True enough Billy nobody should be more equal than others. As for going out. Hell you could get shot out there these days. Too many guys with big guns and small penises.

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BBC said...

Ah, you picked up a fucking freak.