Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does

Jeez the idiots. We're surrounded by them. I don't know of any individual who would vote for a party that would, if they had their way, take away so many benefits and human rights, slash safety nets while giving that money to those who absolutely don't need it. Is there something in the water in Florida that wipes out IQ points? Don't want to pay taxes? Fine, then forget about your roads when they're full of pot holes. Call the police and be put on hold. House catch fire? Let's see you put it out by yourself with a garden hose. Need to go to the emergency room? Have a friend hook you up to a car battery or better yet you can do it yourself.
The self sufficient "something for nothing crowd" is always quick to criticize what others make and what things cost until something goes wrong with their little piece of earth. Then they have the nerve to criticize those that might help the situation.

There's a disconnect somewhere in their brain circuitry. They would support a candidate who would like nothing better than to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, take away their Social Security and essentially gut any programs that might help them. Rationality does not seem to be one of their strong points. But the icing on the cake of this theater of the absurd is that they won't even bother to fact check and be informed. To rely on information that has an agenda, in this case it's for the protection and increased profits of a select few, just boggles the mind. That slow boiled frog that's been discussed is just about ready for serving. I think a few brains were parboiled in the process.

The Tea Party that secretly disguised Koch brother funded astro turf group of minions would shoot themselves in the foot and no think twice about it. Keep spinning the message and soon you'll find that you're arguing with yourselves. And when your bank accounts are empty but the Koch bros. just bought another country don't come crying to me. I didn't steal you retirement they did and are probably laughing about it sipping champaign on their cruise to the Caymans. There's a sucker born every minute and they knew you were it when you signed on to their little scam. Take heart in knowing that they'll be buried in a gold coffin while you'll be found behind the dumpster as just another John Doe. Their families will be most appreciative or not of the fact that it was you who financed their great send off and all the wonderful toys they got to play with during their time on this earth. What fools these mortals be.

I truly would like to have some cards made up that say "Asshole". Upon coming across such folk in daily life I'd hand them a card and say "There now you're a card carrying asshole!"

And that's my daily rant. I feel so much better.


toko baju murah said...
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Roger Owen Green said...

You know, you COULD print those cards up; not that expensive, and probably can get 12 cards per sheet.

Tom Harper said...

All right, enough of that there class warfare.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm convinced the so-called tea party's ranks are filled with people whose parents were so glad and so relieved when the offspring finally moved out of the house. Understandably so.

BBC said...

Well, it was a great day on the lake.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so relieved you had a great day on the lake.

Demeur said...

Sorry Toko baju no spam.

No SW I think it runs in the family. Inbreeding does wonders for lowering IQ points.

God Billy did Leslie show up here? Don't forget the sun screen today.

Cynthianne said...

Demeur- that pic is priceless! Is that guy tryin to tell people that he's a real shithead? (Mission accomplished!)

Mr. Anderson- I suspect that all the teatards that aren't currently living in Alzheimer wards ARE living in their parents' basements.