Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Girl Isaac's a- comin, you better hide

Have to give the folks down in New Orleans credit at least they still have a sense of humor. Hat tip to Editilla of the New Orleans Ladder for the graphic.

The best laid plans of men and mice. I don't know how the rest of that goes but the meaning is simple. You can plan and prepare till you're blue in the face and still never know the unexpected. However to their discredit the "leaders" that be in that state are not too bright in my opinion. This time around there'll be no place to evacuate to should the worst hit. The sports stadium and convention center will be locked tighter then a Catholic girls' legs on her first date. Not a smart move if you ask me. Anyone who's done any type of emergency response knows that there always must be a plan B and if they're really smart a C and a D. But these dim wits think that somehow they can magically transport thousands of people in a matter of hours with buses and trains. Tell that to grandma in a wheel chair at the end of the month. The next SS check won't be due till next week.

Then there's the whiners who think nothing of complaining about government hand outs raising a stink because the FEMA funds are not in their hot little hands. To his credit Obama has already declared the gulf a potential disaster area three days before the storm was due to hit. Our old friendly Shub was having birthday cake with McCain while people were drowning during Katrina. And people still had to wait years for any assistance if they got any at all. Fear not the private companies can handle it all. They'll just post armed guards at all the exit roads and shoot anybody who tries to leave.

No, that finger in the photo is pointed in the wrong direction. Should be directed at Tampa.


Tom Harper said...

Let me see if I've got it straight now:

The people in New Orleans' Ninth Ward had nobody but themselves to blame during Katrina. Even though they were dirt poor and probably didn't even own a vehicle, they should have instantly grabbed up their children and valuable possessions and boogeyed out of out ASAP.

Wealthy conventioneers, on the other hand, chose to go to Tampa even after knowing that a hurricane was about to strike. And they're all just a bunch of helpless little puppies who need FEMA to swoop in and rescue them Now.

Tom Harper said...

Doh! "Out of out" should be "out of town."

BBC said...

Fuck New Orleans, they're a bunch of idiots that should move inland fifty miles and just commute to the port on a train for the jobs at the port and let nature have the rest.

My empathy for NO is on empty.

Randal Graves said...

Are you saying all the Catholic school girls in porn have been lying to us?

Demeur said...

Yep Tom the "I got mine the hell with you crowd" was busy getting laid at the party in Tampa while NO was getting screwed.

Billy seeing as how the area grew from the port only the wealthy slave owners could afford to commute. You by the way are sitting right on a fault. How smart is that when the big one hits?

Randal you aren't wearing your patten leather shoes now are you? Catholic girls never star in porn until they're divorced and in their 30s. Thought you knew that.

Kansxoh said...

Are you saying all the Catholic school girls in porn have been lying to us?

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