Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Romney to do a reset in Aug.

(hat tip to Tengrain who stole this from Axel Grease)


Mr. Etch-A-Sketch couldn't shake hard enough to undo the damage he's done. Open your mouth some more your foot isn't in quit far enough. And exactly how he proposes to walk back all of the pandering to the radical right would be the miracle of the century. Sorry Mittens you made your bed now you have to lay in it. And all the money in the world isn't going to help.

Some would have you believe that this country can be run like a business. It can not. It doesn't work for a profit. It never did and it never will.

So along with the ceremonial pressing of the reset button we have the (drum roll please) choice of vice presidential candidate. Now before you jump to any preconceived notions stop to consider that said candidate must have only the tiniest appeal to a select group of voters. Yet at the same time be so repulsive that no one would consider putting a cap in Mittens arse least they land up with bozo number two in the oval office. That idea didn't quit work out for McCain as his choice appealed to only those who drooled over the photos of Hustler magazine. They had something else in mind when they said "I'll give you my vote baby".

Whom to pick? Seems the bulk of choices have about as much charisma as a bowl of milk toast not to mention their own lists of luggage. Exactly how would you climb on board the Raw Money (this country is headed to hell) bus when you've been so busy telling your constituents that things are getting better because of all your good work? Professor Backwards has nothing on these people. Are there any black or hispanic republican women amongst the all white boys club? Oh that question answers itself I see.
Maybe they can alter the ancestry of this woman to fit the bill. They've come quite adept at altering history after all :

who said all foxes are smart?

(hat tip to Tim of Scared Stiff for his photoshop skills)

Now if they could just add a slight touch of rumor that her grandpa was African and her grandma Puerto Rican they might have a chance to capture that sector but alas they incorporated all those voter suppression laws thereby shooting themselves in the foot once again.
Here's a woman who thinks that you can work your way through college. That might have been true when she went 50 years ago when a loaf of bread was a quarter and states paid 2/3 of the costs but not now. Her idea of getting people back to work is to shuffle funds around in the transportation budget forgetting that it was her own party who underfunded that bill. Much like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Sorry babe there is no free lunch at this bar. Her other claim to fame is wanting to eliminate pensions for congress. Ha! We know that won't happen in her lifetime. How's a retired senator going to relax with a mint julip on the front verandah and watch his undocumented workers pick all those subsidized crops?


Tom Harper said...

"putting a cap in Mittens," LOL. What a mess that would be. So many circuits to rewire, so much software to reinstall...

Randal Graves said...

Since the entire exercise is theatre, I demand that my candidates entertain me. Since they're milquetoast, the veeps better, dammit.