Friday, August 31, 2012

Beaver Friday and government hand outs

Don't you be givin me no govmint hand outs!
U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., who slept Tuesday night in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers headquarters in New Orleans, joined Gov. Bobby Jindal in asking Obama and FEMA for 100 percent federal support, as opposed to the 75 percent support preliminarily approved Monday.
What's the matter boys don't you have any boot straps to be pulling up? Oh forgot all the folk down ther is po. Can't fish or drill for oil in a hurricane. Got em living pay check to pay check.

Romney kitty
And the flip flops continue. What is this the beach? No I didn't watch the rethuglicon convention. But wolf whistles to the mouth breathing knuckle dragging ever shrinking base of that party. Raw Money was for abortion then against it and now is for only in the case of rape or incest even though the party platform comes complete with a total ban. And now that Mr. etch-a-sketch has thrown enough meat to the hungry mobs it'll be interesting to see how he can pull a Linda Blair and look behind him at the rest of the country. Who hasn't the guy pissed off? Blacks have no use for him. The hispanics are only about 25 or 30% behind him. Women shouldn't be behind him at all unless they're the Stepford Wives. So that leaves a bunch of old rich white guys which isn't a lot when you think about it. Nope I think old Mittens is going to be a two time loser.

Government hand outs they keep touting. Let me see. I believe there's a section on every pay stub that states what was placed into Social Security for our old age. And a section that pays for medicare when we hit 65 or older. Entitlements? Yes I'm entitled to what I've paid for. Aren't you? So kindly keep your mittens off of it.

And sorry Jeb your brother screwed this country up something bad. Obama said that it would take a term or two or even longer to fix his screw up during his first state of the union address and you call him a liar. And thanks for all the help you haven't given.

Bank fails later
Parking lot index at 8 (suspect a couple of somebody's taking a 4 day weekend)

UPDATE: No fails this week.

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Tom Harper said...

Yup, gotta love these bootstrap rugged individualists who have a tantrum because there aren't enough government handouts.

About a year ago some Far Right Libertarian group was having a convention in Washington DC. They complained to the media that there wasn't enough train and subway service. Them there gummint bureaucrats should have scheduled some extra shuttle runs, knowing that a large anti-government do-it-yourself organization was coming to town.