Monday, July 13, 2009

Bill Gates want's to control the weather

Nothing like trying to be a god before you leave this world. I chuckle at this because at present we don't have the technology for the scale involved in hurricanes. Think hundreds of square miles and an ocean depth of 500 feet. Many years ago scientists tried to stop icebergs in the north atlantic. They tried bombing and covering the bergs with black coverings to melt them but nothing worked. They gave up.
Maybe Gates would be better off putting his money into renewable energy which would have a far better return on his money and slow global warming in the process. That would also slow the amount of hurricanes.


Tom Harper said...

Maybe Gates could come up with a computer operating system that works, and isn't a magnet for every virus and trojan in the world. Then he can worry about the weather.

BBC said...

I read about that. Sounds like a good plan for killing a bunch of needed sea life.

Living with weather is pretty simple, build to deal with the weather in your area.

And some areas shouldn't be lived in at all because nature needs those areas to keep this planet alive.

Wayne said...

How about a giant hair blow-dryer?

Seriously, we've outgrown this planet and if we don't start getting off it, we're going to kill it.

I say pour the money into space projects, Bill.