Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin - WTF?

All individuals in public office that I've seen resign their positions have given some definite reason for abdicating their position and duties. The primary reasons given in the past have been health or family emergency or worse some legal issue that would invalidate their oath of office. With Palin's speech on Friday viewers were left scratching their heads wondering. With enough confusing metaphors to make a high school lit. student blush she hit us with basketball, dead fish and quitters. I'm sorry Sarah but basketball players don't throw the ball then walk off the court and expect to win. The dead fish you speak of are those left in office to try and finish the business of the state. You chastize quitters as you announce that you're quitting. I can only say that George Orwell would be proud of your non speak. Even those of your own party are still trying to make sense of what you've said.

And now you threaten legal action against a blogger? One Shannyn Moore whose only crime was to write about what the rest of the nation was wondering...why? If you've forgotten this is a process of the human mind called logic. Logic says that there is a reason for every action. Logic gives us possibilities. An either or route to a logical end. This was no defamation but a report of wonderings. An opinion of what has happened. The left in this country has been far kinder than your own party. Will you be suing them as well? Do yourself a favor and drop it. There are far easier and cheaper ways to stay at the forefront of the news cycle.

To read more about Shannyn Moore from her blog Just a girl from Homer


Snave said...

AS Spock might have said, "This is not logical."

There doesn't even seem to be any logic at all, at first glance. Or after a second and third glance!

Suing a left wing blogger would make her a hero among all the right wing bloggers, who also lack logic to the point that they wouldn't realize they were setting themselves up for similar suits from people on the left. Or more likely, the right wingers probably would realize what Palin is doing but wouldn't care, it would represent some kind of grand symbolic gesture on Palin's part.

"She says and does just the kind of things I would like to say and do but am afraid to say or do!"

She sure doesn't seem to think normal rules apply to her anyway, eh!

Holte Ender said...

She will not go quietly into the night. Not her. She got to were she was, by being pushy and aggressive (like a basketball player). She quit, but tried make make it sound like she had sacrificed herself, like a good team player would.

Kvatch said... players don't throw the ball then walk off the court and expect to win.

Caribou Barbie is going to find that her stunt is going to get her about as far as Edwards' got when he left the other words, nowhere.