Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blogger turns 60 tomorrow

No not me! A fellow blogger Dana of Life is Good is going to turn 60 tomorrow. She being of humble origins is not requesting cards or gifts but (get this) readers. Now that's a simple enough request. You're out here anyway if you're reading this so pop on over to Dana's place tomorrow. I don't know if there'll be cake and ice cream but she has threatened to take her top off to attract more readers. Eech! get the mind soap out I think I'm having a spell. M-U-S-T N-O-T T-H-I-N-K O-F T-H-A-T I-M-A-G-E!

Wonder if she'll be serving tequilla shots?

So throw a couple of links to her site around the web. I'm hoping to crash her site with all the people we can pack in there.

Life is Good


Tom Harper said...

Tequila you say? I'll be right over.

an average patriot said...

I guess a happy birthday is in order. I would come over for some tequila but the top can stay up or down whatever!

BBC said...

Dana and I have had our differences, but I wish her a happy birthday anyway. It's not always easy to get to 60, and I don't know how in the hell I got to 66.

S.W. anderson said...

I'll be glad to stop by and wish Dana many happy returns of the day. It's good of you to pass the word, Demeur.

As a public safety measure I caution everyone to be diplomatic about any decolletage they encounter. The best course is to grin and say "how nice," or something else diplomatic.

Never ever forget what hell hath no fury like. :)

Demeur said...

Tom it's tomorrow not today.

Jim I'm with you on that even though I don't drink any more. Hopefully she'll keep her shirt on.

Billy you're so evil you'll probably live to 106.

SW right diplomacy but in her case snark is okay too.

Anonymous said...

ECH? Did I hear "ECH?" And average patriot said I could "leave it up or down whatever?"


The girls rise and face the sun and give you a ...... well I was gonna say they're giving you the finger, but I love you anyway.....

Thank you darlin'.