Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A post from Naj

I've been following this blogger in an effort to get what scraps of information are comming out of Iran. Naj is an Iranian girl outside of Iran who is lucky (or unlucky enough) to get emails and other communications from Iran. This is just one of the stories she's been able to pass on.

This 19 years old boy was killed with a bullet in the heart! his mother was camping in front of the Evin prison for almost a month. Her son had already died over three weeks before she was called to identify the body, but no one bothered to inform her. In the meantime, she, a member of Mothers for Peace, was worrying and petitioning to prevent her son (and others) being tortured.

A'rabi's family is the first to have publicly defied the IRI orders of "holding a quiet funeral". His devastated mother's pledging to fight on! and so do many Iranians! (Sohrab;s father had died when he was 16, after a long battle with cancer)

What is concerning is that Sohrab's mother identified him from over 50 pictures she was shown. This means that at least over 50 of those who are missing may already be killed. When? We won't perhaps know. And because there is no opportunity of autopsy, then we will be inclined to believe the worst rumors about the Evin prisoners. And of course, those who want to blame us for spreading "propaganda" may instead go petition their beloved Ahmaghinejad regime to loosen up prisons, and let in journalists and independent observers to assess the human rights in Iran's prisons, political and otherwise!

A couple of closing thoughts - mine: Who's better at torture and killing and why must people endure such things for nothing more than an ideolgy? Are we any better than them when we do the same things?


Tom Harper said...

Interesting post and perspectives.

"Are we any better than them when we do the same things?" Good question.

Holte Ender said...

Keep up the good work Demeur.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I have been communicating with her for years and I have to laugh, she has taught me and others much about Iran and often keeps me in line as I always expect the worst.

BBC said...

It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around, just try to stay out of harms was no matter where you are.

And if you don't have a gun for personal protection, get one.