Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bits and pieces

Looks like Rupert Murdock is in a bit of hot water. One of his "news" guys was caught tapping cell phones of politicans and celebs. The Brits unlike the U.S. seem to take their privacy a bit more serious and don't put up with this nonsense.

CIA gets caught lying. Can't say exactly what this is all about but I can make a pretty good guess. This came out suposedly in May of 2001 even before 911. My guess is that the Shrub in chief or his minions gave them the power to spy on U.S. citizens with no oversight. This is only a guess but it would make sense as it wasn't about torture or renderings as 911 happened in Sept and the Unpatriot Act wasn't even a thought at that time.

Climate change - If the republicans had their way we'd be riding around in horse drawn carriages and they'd be selling buggy whips and hay. Their money comes from coal gas and oil as we all know.

S.A.L.T. talks - Seems the initial target for limiting nukes to 1500 is a good start except that's enough to blow the earth up nine times over. The detonation of just 24 of today's weapons would eliminate life on earth as we know it.

Warren Buffet says we need a second stimilus bill. Well Duh! Considering our infractructure is falling apart, healthcare, auto cos., airline cos, and who knows what else. $787billion is a spit in the bucket.

300 remains found at cemetary in Ill. workers charged. Greed plain and simple. How they kept someone from visiting grandma and not having them notice that her headstone was moved is baffeling and beyond me.


S.W. Anderson said...

Warren Buffett should be secretary of the Treasury or head the president's Council of Economic Advisors.

Demeur said...

SW - He already does advisory work for the prez. I think that's why there has been mention of a second stimilus. Unfortunately Buffett lost a good bunch of change in this down market. I didn't and I don't have the high priced gurus Buffett has. I had been following the guys at Blah 3 and Bondad who told of this mess in 2007.
I think we'll have to spend quite a bit more to get things stable. Just hope I can get enough work by the end of the year to refile for unemployment.

Distributorcap said...

murdoch will always buy his way out of every problem