Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out and about this weekend

Visiting some relatives I haven't seen in a while. It makes you realize how old you are when you haven't seen them in 30 years.

Back later.


BBC said...

Any family I would want to visit is dead, I outlived all of them.

Our credit card rate went from 5 to 25% and you can not do anything about it.

Hum, mine is just 6.65 percent. Not that it matters, it's paid off every month anyway. Or within just a few months if I do do make a bigger purchase.

I just use it for convenience instead of my debit card so I don't have to make so many entries in my check book log, and maybe forget to make one.

And I make sure I drop into the bank at least once a week for personal transactions so they all know me there.

"Hi Billy, how are you?"
"Still pissed off at the world."
(they can relate to that)
And we blah, blag, blag for a bit.

"What can I do for you today?"
"I want three hundred bucks, I may want to go look for a hooker this weekend."
"Ha ha ha."
"I'm just kidding."
"I know, but you're funny."

Fuck it, I'm going camping high on a mountain in the morning. I hope I don't freeze my ass off up there. But I think I have all I need to stay warm.

BBC said...

Man on the loose after killing one woman, stabbing another.

I keep telling others, especially women, to get and learn how to use guns.

Tom Harper said...

I also have relatives that I haven't seen in years; decades in some cases.

When I'm seeing somebody for the first time in decades, my first thought is "My God! Time marches on. Look how old he/she got." And then I realize that person is undoubtedly thinking the same thing about me.