Friday, July 31, 2009

The government wants to kill grandma

It absolutely amazes me how people can read something and totally not understand it. A neighbor came over and mentioned that she had just read the health care bill. (Interesting in that this hasn't been finalized in either the house or senate) but I digress, she insisted that in the bill there was a requirement to put senior citizens to death by requiring a life directive. Needless to say she's an unread republican. I tried to explain exactly what this meant but you know republicans they'd rather believe the scare than the actual facts.
So what's a life directive? Real simple. It's legal instructions you set down to the hospital and your family in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes. It's not an easy decision to put on paper but it makes life so much easier for all involved.
And unlike the lies that the republicans have been circulating it is you and not the government or any insurance company who is making the decisions here.
After the Terry Shivo thing and having a relative face a similar situation as well as not having a will, I set out and did the deed legally and got my will and life directive completed. Darn and I always thought I was imortal.
I may change a few things later but at least there's no doubt as to what I wanted. I've also left instructions on what to do on my passing as I know people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do and that involves fights and arguments. Nothing worse than seeing a family torn apart because nobody knew what to do.

So you might want to sit down with a lawyer or paralegal (depending on your state) and get it over with because if you don't the government will be making the decisions.


Holte Ender said...

Great advice, my wife and I have done a similar thing.

As you have, we have seen, within our own families, the distress and anger that can arise from being unprepared.

"The government wants to kill old people" is just another vicious scare tactic.

The Blog Fodder said...

Well, "the sky is falling" AGW Dems are not much beter at analysing facts, preferring instead for the scare tactics.

BBC said...

Yeah, a will, and instructions not to try to keep me alive, I've had enough of this fucking planet.

I haven't had a will made up yet because I can't decide who to give this property to, was going to leave it to Rick but he's really not interested in it.

Maybe I should sell raffle tickets for it? Or just let the state have it, it's not like I give a crap what happens to it when I die.

Anyway, 55 degrees here this morning, things are getting back to normal, whatever in the hell that is.

I figure that any health care plan they come up with will just be an expensive piece of crap.

Distributorcap said...

this woman read the 1000 page bill - and all she could remember was that the govt will kill her

well at least the ones in no child left behind will be smarter in coming years

what a mess this place is

Tom Harper said...

It's that same deadly Conservative combination: a billion dollar propaganda machine and millions of dumber-than-dirt dumbshits who will believe anything and everything you tell them. (Nothing personal against your neighbor; I'm just generalizing.)

Anonymous said...

OK. Now I'm skeered. I just turned 60 so, according to your neighbor, .....I have a 50/50 chance of:

(1) being left to die by governmental genocide

(2) dying BEFORE they force me to

Seriously.....that neighbor of yours is NOT correct...right? Please tell me she's just a republican!

Bee said...

A co-worker, whom I like quite a lot, is a republican. She and I normally do not talk religion or politics. She said one day recently that she was scared of healthcare reform, because in England and Canada people had to wait months to get in to see a doctor.
That made me angry, very angry. Not at her, she's aging, she has a prelim form of parkinson's, but Rush and Glenn Beck and the other morons disseminating the disinformation have told her she will die of her condition waiting to see a doctor if she were in Europe or canada. So I told her that was a big fat lie, that I personally know people in England and Canada who have confirmed that is a huge, gigantic, bullshit lie. I dont' know if she believed me - I doubt she did, because the republican machine has gotten its constituency so pavlovianly trained over the past several decades that they don't know up from down anymore.

I don't believe for one minute that your neighbor actually read any of the bills or amendments that are now collecting dust while Congress takes its un-needed vacation. Most likely, she read it in a paper, or online, or heard it on an talk show.