Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sarah Palin doesn't understand cap and trade?

(The other title for this post should be "Mixed nuts".)

Why of course she does. That's were you put on your cap and trade fish. You can trade salmon for halibit don't you know.

What Sarah fails to realize with cap and trade is that it makes it more difficult and expensive for a company to pollute. By putting a tax on polluters and using that money to reduce pollution it forces the polluters to either clean up their act or get out of business. It should create quite a few jobs in renewable energy and pollution reduction fields. But why bother to try and explain that to a woman with deep ties to the oil and gas industry who's only answers are "cut taxes and drill baby drill!"

Steny Hoyer wants to extend unemployment benefits. Here's a novel idea Steny how about using that money to actually create jobs rather than have us sit here on our butts calling companies that don't have work or are going out of business? Nah, that'd make too much sense couldn't do that.

New condo projects cutting prices - Gee didn't we see the same thing happen in south Florida? People bought into the overpriced dream only to watch as prices fell and they became upside down in their mortgages. The market collapsed and developers did as well. Who could afford a $900K condo anyway? And that's after the price cut! Note to developers: prices are still going down here and financing is nearly impossible to get.

Here's the latest batch of candidates for the upper management position. They're the only ones who could afford one of those condos anyway.

Somebody said Boeing was hiring. Psyche!

Hole in US plane forces landing - Let me think. The airlines are running about halfway through their life cycle on aircraft so this is an unusual event. Planes run for about 20 years on cycles of compression and decompression. After a certain point they start to show metal fatigue and must be retired. But even with such events they're still pretty safe. Remember the Hawiian air flight of some years back that had a good part of the body ripped off and still landed safely.

Here's a shot of a Quantas aircraft that made a safe landing. A rare event for Quantas.

Update:Here's a new level of wierd. Cybugs - Cyborg insects used to spy and detect explosives. Nothing worse than a pesky spy moth in the bedroom when you're feeling romantic. Leave it to the military to come up with: Cyborbugs


Tom Harper said...

That picture of college students cramming themselves into a phone booth could offer a solution. If pay phones weren't going the way of the hula hoop, phone booths could be a solution to the housing crisis. It beats a cardboard box anyway.

The Blog Fodder said...

DC3's flew forever and the 737's are now in the same category. The old ones just keep moving farther into the hinterlands. 747's have been flying a long time too. You sure 20 years is the limit? Tell me it ain't so as I have lots of places to go on old Boeings.

Wayne said...

"Always fly Quantas. Quantas never crashes." - Rain man

Hmm...you just taught me about Cap and trade. I've ignored learning what it is, and here you are spilling it out in a few simple sentences. Thanks! hahaha

BBC said...

Anyone that thinks they understand cap and trade is a fucking idiot.

The Blog Fodder said...

I flew Krasnoyarsk Moscow on a new 737-800. Longer and narrower than traditional 737s. Flew an OLD 737-200 Moscow Krasnoyarsk. Glad the landing gear is good. thanks.