Monday, July 27, 2009

No cops for you

Like the soup nazi of Seinfield some cities will have to lay off police officers to make up for budget shortfalls.

Four major cities — New York, Seattle, Houston, and Pittsburgh — will get no money from a $1 billion economic stimulus program called COPS. This little bit of info was leaked today. I realize that there's not enought money to go around but would't it be smart to put the money where there's more bag for the buck? Since January I've seen a few cities that have had to cut their force. One small town out here layed off it's entire force and will have to rely on an already over stretched county force. Guess it's time to dust off and clean the shotgun because in true republican tradition "you're on your own". Need health care "you're on your own". Need help paying for education "you're on your own". Need work "you're on your own". So get busy and pull yourself up by the bootstraps unless you have a job on wall street or work for a large insurance company in which case you get a bonus.


Holte Ender said...

Demeur - "No cops for you". Love the headline.

If people behaved like our local, county, state, and federal politicians, they would call the cops. If there were any to call.

"Dust off the shotgun", take away law and order, what follows is chaos, vigilante justice, breakdown of society. I'm not a gun owner, so I guess, when cop lay offs begin here, I'll dust off my baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I still had my arsenal, but it got stolen and I just replaced everything with a 357. And now, it would be hard to get one of those!

All I can say is that money could have been better spent keeping those of us safe and healthy, instead of insuring the rich guys got to keep their jets.

Demeur said...

Darn Dana what are you going to do if you only want to wound the guy and not blow his head clean off?

an average patriot said...

It is sick but it will get a lot worse and then watch the ensuing chaos.
Around here it is the fire departments taking the first hit. They are having what they call brown outs closing intermittent fire houses. For now FF's have sworn to man them voluntarily. Keep watching this is just beginning. Remember this is the success Bush left proud of, the bastard!

S.W. anderson said...

You're so right about the conservative Republicans' good ol' "on your own" approach. Folks who live in exclusive gated communities and operate banks and malls can afford their own security guards, of course.

I wonder if they will be willing to accept that some guy who's been out of work a long time, no new job in sight, had his unemployment run out and gets desperate, is acting with rugged individualism if he robs a bank. Somehow, I doubt it.

In earlier times when the paycheck economy collapsed, people could move back to the family farm or live off the land by hunting and fishing, and get by. How many can do that now?

We need to reconfigure our system. It doesn't have to be this way.

Tom Harper said...

With fewer police officers, everyone will need to prioritize. Potsmokers and prostitutes -- go get 'em! Thieves, rapists -- we'll get to it when we can. We have our hands full. First things first.

Holte Ender: I keep trying to comment at your site, and my comments keep disappearing. I've tried Anonymous, Name/URL, and Google ID. As soon as I click on either "Preview" or "Post Comment" the comment vanishes. Any idea what I need to do? Anyway, wanted to let you know I've been visiting your site and trying to comment.

BBC said...

In a village, everyone should be a cop, that is the way it was in the good old days.

Darn Dana what are you going to do if you only want to wound the guy and not blow his head clean off?

Why just wound a bad monkey? If you are going to shoot one just kill it. Fuck the bleeding heart pollyanna shit.

Anonymous said...

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