Saturday, July 4, 2009

The late Friday beaver

The Friday beaver was held up this week because his trip on the internet was delayed. Seems there was an electrical fire at a bank of servers at Fisher Plaza. That small fire knocked out internet service to a bunch of companies that use those servers. Even knocking out the TV station KOMO channel 4. They are now operating from remote trucks until full power is restored. There's 60 electricians and engineers working on the problem. Wow think of the overtime and on a holiday too.

Lucky beavers don't have to worry about such things as computers or lighting or even taxes. And speaking of taxes that was the reason for the holiday we now celebrate. From what I've read of history the annual taxes on the colonies amounted to twenty five cents per person. It wasn't so much the tax that got people riled up as the fact that they didn't have representation.
I had hoped to find a revolutionary war beaver for this post but they must be tied up and harder to find than Michael Jackson tickets. Oops I promised the beavers I wouldn't mention him again, sorry guys.

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Tom Harper said...

No computers, lighting or taxes -- sounds nice.

A belated Happy July 4th. Hope you went to one of those tea parties to demonstrate against our commie president :)