Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Net problems

Don't know if the problems are fixed as of yet but the net has been acting very weird today. Most places I've gone wouldn't load indicating a denial of service attack. It's was reported that this came from North Korea. If this is true then I say we turn Kim Jong Ill into Kim Jong Dead. Wave your dongs and fire your missles all you want but when you mess with my internet access you've crossed the line. Remember you're part of the rest of the world and we could always cut you phone cables and jam you radio and TV and leave you isolated if we wanted to.

May post a photo here later when the coast is clear.


Roger Owen Green said...

Here's a brief story.

Tom Harper said...

That's a good point. These cyber attacks will rile the masses quicker than anything else.

BBC said...

Been busy with computer problems myself but got them fixed before going camping.

The attack thing seems to be mostly directed at government and banking sites and has had no effect on me, my internet connection is singing right along.

Contrary to what Tom Harper (BTW, no man by that name in this town and he lives in the same town I do) believes, I don't give a fuck if the web goes down.

I lived for many years without it and will continue to do so without it if it does go down.

And be the better off for it.

S.W. Anderson said...

I had trouble (I think it was) Monday evening connecting with Yahoo News and a couple of other places. I wondered if something was going on. I'm not so sure the DNS attack was just on govt. sites.