Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The all new privatized U.S. of A

Buried deep in the healthcare bill was a tiny little amendment slipped in there by a group of sneaky republicans. The amendment requires all public services to be privatized within thirty days of the signing of the legislation. What exactly does this amendment do you ask? Simply put it makes all the public services we now enjoy and turns them over to a private corporation. You will now be getting a bill for all services so keep your credit cards handy when you leave for work. Oh that's right you can't leave for work until you swipe your credit card at the end of your driveway to pay for road usage. And don't forget the service fees and mark ups added to your credit card statement. You say you were headed to the post office to drop off the electric bill? Don't forget that Enron is now back from the dead alive and well so your bill is now three times what it once was.
Did you hear a strange noise at the back of the house last night and thought about calling the police? The first thing they asked was not "are you all right or what's the problem but please state your name and have your credit card number handy. We will process your request as soon as we verify your card number. If you'll be needing medical attention that will be extra plus shipping and handling no CODs please. And should you need assistance with this call we'll be more than happy to redirect your call to our service center in India".

Then there's medicare and medicade. Grandma will be delighted to find that she now must be forced to take a reverse mortgage on her house for her new pay as you go medical. No more discounts for her. Doctors will be delighted to know that they'll be getting 100% of their costs paid for by granny, that is if she can afford them. If not too bad you're on your own now granny. And with profits soaring why not make more by throwing more old people out of the system. Those old people are just too expensive you know. First we can say we didn't get their payment. Then when they can prove it we'll tell them the time to file that has expired. That they were too late. When they need a treatment send a denial letter stating the they need to refile the claim in a few months because the billing department is being remodeled and that girl who works there is on maternity leave and won't be back for several months. But don't forget to get the claim in before the end of year deadline or you'll have to start over and since you now have a preexisting condition we'll be forced to deny your claim.

All I can say is that I've seen all of this crap on healthcare and it needs to stop. Drop an email to your senator and congressman and tell them to ignore all the scare tactics and lies and get something done.


Tom Harper said...

Damn, this health care bill is just full of boobytraps. Private ownership of the air we breathe, everybody over 60 being "eliminated" by a Death Panel for being old and in the way, medical surgeries being performed by government bureaucrats instead of doctors. Eek!

I think I'll go to a town hall meeting and shout down this socialist government takeover. I just received some literature in the mail from this nice low-key group called FreedomWorks. They seem like a bunch of regular guys who are concerned for their country, and they've provided a list of phrases and slogans for me to recite at demonstrations and town hall meetings.

Holte Ender said...

Boobytraps, potholes, landmines, most of all lies, the thing is it's becoming hard to tell them apart. Confusion is a tactic, got keep a clear head.

BBC said...

I'm not following it all that much, frankly my dear, I don't give a fuck. It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

Tom, no one has a problem with a little socialism if it is pointed at them.

Hell, if you don't want some socialism don't have a health care plan at all. Pay for your own or die.

If you don't like some socialism don't bitch about bad roads. I have no problem with some socialism, I have a problem with the greed in the system.

BBC said...

Well, I also have a problem with the bottom feeders in current social systems, help out or get the fuck out.

And those that fucking want to live forever, and expect you to foot the bill.

BBC said...

I left a few comments for you at the Holte Ender blog.

Anonymous said...

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