Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The long awaited Sibel Edmonds deposition

I wouldn't doubt that this doesn't make MSM any time soon. But between this, the torture investigation and the other high crimes of the past administration I do wonder exactly who will face prosecution and prison. Of course they'll go after the low hanging fruit first but if they ever get to the higher ups then a good chunk of the republican party and a few past democrats could be seeing the inside of a jail cell. This is nothing more than a case of greed and corruption that permeated the Bush administration. To try and deny it under the gize of national security or states' secrets is nothing more than a lie.
In looking at this pdf file via the Brad Blog you can start with page 19 as the first 18 pages are just opening formalities. For the Justice Department not to persue this matter would be a great miscarriage of justice. Yes we need to move forward but not until the misdeeds of the past are accounted for and proper punishment handed out.

Sibel Edmonds deposition

As you read this document you'll start to feel like you're reading the latest spy novel, but stop to consider that this is real and not some make for TV movie.

Hat tip to the folks at the Brad Blog for keeping on top of this.


BBC said...

Bush senior once told Barbra Walters that if Americans really knew what the Bush family was doing to America that we would string them up.

Holte Ender said...

You have been following this for a while, would interesting to hear your thoughts. I read that Google and Blogger shut down Sibel Edmonds blog last week. What do you know?

Brother Tim said...

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is just the flip-side of the same counterfeit coin. His Administration, like all those that preceded him, are corporate-owned, lock; stock; and barrel.

What can be expected? A mild wrist-slapping at best, a cover-up at worst.

Those that insist on looking forward only, usually end up getting rear-ended.

I'm surprised Sibel has lived so long.

Demeur said...

Holte it will depend on what the DOJ does with this case and information. It will be hard to prosecute without giving away the process something you don't want to happen. Her blog is back up and was only down for a while. I have to tell you though it's hard to get any info on this because non of it is in the MSM and you can't google it either.

Tim this isn't up to Obama. It's up to the DOJ and any special prosecutor that's put on the case. Obama is smart not to get in the middle of this. First he has a ton of other problems to deal with and it's not a function of the executive branch.

Brother Tim said...

The function of the executive branch is to uphold the Constitution and the role of the executive is to enforce the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judicial system.
Although theoretically, the DOJ is not a part of the Executive Branch, it's head, the AG, is hand-picked by the President, which, one would think, should hold his values. You're savvy enough to know that the President holds sway with the AG, regardless of what he may proffer about it publicly. Laws were broken and need to be enforced.

Personally, I believe this is but a 'smoke and mirrors' move designed to pacify the left; OR his 'look forward, not backward' rhetoric is the same kind of move to pacify the right.

I hope for the latter, but fear the former.

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